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Speaking after being reelected to his london seat corbin said the election result means politics has changed and voters have rejected conservative hysterically jurors at bill cosby sexual assault trial have heard excerpts from the comedians lurid decadesold deposition but explosives sections about him obtaining pilots and giving them two women before sex are yet to come prosecutors today are expected to continue focusing on cosby's testimony giving jurors a look at his view of women sex and the night in january two thousand four that andrea constand says he drugged and violated her at his suburban philadelphia home to seventy nine year old cosby has said he will not testify giving his deposition from concert dad's civil lawsuit and pryor police interview added weight as jurists considered charges that could put him in prison for the rest of his life a detective on thursday read portions of the deposition covering what kospi described as several sexual encounters with constand including two one before the alleged assault where he said he found himself somewhere between permission and rejection friday's excerpts are expected to include an exchange where cosby acknowledges using quillot said in his pursuit of women for sex when you've got the cui loots was it in your mind that you were going to use these cui alludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with cosby was asked yes he replied cosby testified in two thousand five and two thousand six as part of a lawsuit brought against him by constand the former director of women's basketball operations at his alma mater temple university constant dan testified this week she rejected cosby's advances and would have thought him off again had the pills not left her paralysed ten semiconscious he said to sexual encounter was consensual some sixty women have come forward to say the cosby sexually violated them but the statue of liberty since for prosecution had run out in nearly every single case constance case is the only one in which cosby has been charged the idaho supreme court has denied custody and visitation rights to a gay woman who raised a child with her former partner reflecting state laws that have not been updated.

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