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No, I mean has I mean his dad had defend? He eulogized a guy, a Klan member who was and I don't know the hierarchy of the clan. But he was like an exalted Cyclops. That's not Warhammer. Right? That's the claim. I'm not. I'm not insulting Warhammer because we have war hammer in my house. So let's not I'm not going there, but I'm just saying it's like a or is it What is the other thing with one I know that's the Cyclops. It Yeah. Dan Crunch, an executive clubs. The Emperor's moved God Sorry did that said that? That's bad. That's a and that was a compliment. Yeah. Oh, Well, we enjoyed being on air with you guys. Bye. Oh. Oh, my gosh. No, but it's it's he eulogized Robert Byrd, And then he thought he didn't want his kids going to school with with minority So, Yeah, I'm not surprised that he learned all of that. That he that he came out like this, but this guy was at the White House. I mean, he was He was at the White House, Kyle and Ethan with his dad. Like I'm looking at pictures of him with his baby one of his babies with his dad at the White House after the inauguration, And he was there for like some other ceremonies. I mean, this is a guy. I don't know how anybody can take Biden seriously when this apparently sanctioned I don't know how anybody takes Biden seriously, either. Yeah, that's no matter what it is a mystery. Well, we're just offended that the press would attack the president's son that is off limits his child. The child. How dairy Just a kid like it's baby. Yoda, the child. The child. Now I need to see the Photoshop Biden Child dividing Hunters older than baby Yoda. I think I think I need to see a Photoshop of Hunter Biden's baby that he's carrying carrying him. Yes. Abide Ling the but The BYD lane. Tell me, you guys where you guys stand in this ongoing fight with, uh, The New York Times because for those of you who don't know, The New York Times said that Babylon Bee, which is I mean, literally. It's a satire site. It's a site where they are hysterical, and they're funnier than the onion and there Uh, they're they're incredibly creative. And they sent out the The Times published a piece back in March where they were saying that you guys were misinformation because you're bad people. Yes, which is true. We are bad people, but we are not misinformation. And in March they published this article wasn't even about us. It was about someone else. Some political cartoonist, and they just mentioned offhand. They just said Oh, you know, there's some far right misinformation sites out there trying to trick people, you know, for instance, like the Babylon bee, and we're like what, Uh and we kind of let it lie for a while. They edited it, but it's still kind of suggested that we were missing far right Misinformation site and we decided, you know what? We're going to take this line down. So we sent a letter to The New York Times from our legal department, telling him to issue a retraction. And as of yet, they have not responded. No response. No retraction. Where you I'm curious where you guys penalized on like so Social media in any way, because usually if somebody like the New York Times or a any kind of, you know, fourth estate outlet tries to insinuate that your that your misinformation usually then all of a sudden Twitter, Facebook respond. What? What kind of penalty did you guys get from all of that? It's hard to say, because you know, the algorithm is so pick. You don't really know what's going on back there. But that is the fear, and that's the reason we have to fight back because the more outlets that call us misinformation or say we're trying to deceive people, the more ammo you give to sites like Snopes to fact check us the more and more you get to Facebook to D monetize us and censor us because they can say Oh look, The New York Times called you misinformation. There's this weird circle where they're all reference. Oh, you know, referencing each other calling us misinformation. Yeah, well, I mean, it's and it's easy to take your satire very seriously, because it does. You guys acquired Joel Austin's emails, and I am I don't know if there's a story that I'm more interested in than this. Right. It's an exclusive. That's a hot bombshell. We dropped this morning. So you know, journalists out that you've got to support fake journalism people. That's right. I mean, I mean, some of these are pretty. I mean, you publish some pretty juicy and this is an exclusive. For Babylon Bee, some pretty juicy Joel Osteen emails like he said, What the heck? At one point Yeah, yeah. I mean, that's almost as bad as Hunter. Biden's, You know words that he used so I mean, I think this is worse. This is and he was writing this to Lamborghini, Houston. I'm from from looking at this. He was upset. There's a like, hasn't come in yet. So yeah, probably bad, like for like some of them that he said. We are. Sometimes you really hurt my feelings. Blessings. Joel. That's how you know it was really him. Because blessings Yeah, That's right. Yeah, even when he's mad, you know, he's smiling, right? So I mean, these are this is like, really, this is I can't. I mean, I I can't believe that anyone would would say that this that would try to target you guys like this or Uh, For instance, you've got a great quote from Alexandria, Casio Cortez. Everyone's pay should be equal, but my pace should be more equal than others. Yeah, that's true. I mean, no one. No one else would break that story, and we brought it to you. So no, I think that's I mean, this is this is the reporting that America needs like Blue's clues to be guest hosted by Jared from subway. Yeah. Jared Fogle. You know they did the direct green episode and they followed it up with, you know the next logical step. What a great ad tie in there as well..

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