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Of. Hey, sorry, Jack, Elliott. Alex, Alex, how I wanted to speak to Jack Zimmerman, resented his attorney who represented him. He's final appeal and the invited me to meet him, but he's office in downtown Houston. They will frame newspaper cuttings around the wolves that chronicled the big cases jacket been involved with over the years buck in the ninety s he represented one of the leaders of the Branch Davidian religious sect. This was the cult that was involved in shootout with federal agents in fifty one day siege at that compound in Waco. Eventually seventy six people died in a fire, and it was international news. It would be up to the lawyer for the woman who was falsely convicted if that's what we believe happened to raise it. Another person confessed to that, and I think competent fence lawyer would go to the prosecution and say, check us out and have it investigate it, don't rely on some guy who may be not competent. Tint as saying that he did it. He could be trying to get tension. He could confer notoriety at cetera, but I think it would be enough to cause a competent honest prosecutors trying to do the right thing to at least had that investigate it. And it has happened in different cases across the country. Over history is where prosecutor gets word that they've convicted the wrong person in happened a lot when DNA started being used and they would take DNA samples of people. And and fortunately they had held like a bloody shirt or piece of clothing that had blood on it or some other source of DNA Iran the DNA on that, and then ran the DNA on. The guy was in jail for that and it didn't match. Several people did get released from custody and had their convictions overturned because of some forensic scientific evidence. And so you'd think that if the lawyer for the woman you're talking about. Found out that resent his says, he's the one that killed them. Those people that they would go interview him and find out if he knows things you cannot. No. Usually the criteria is this if someone's claiming to have committed a crime and he's talking about specific details that only the criminal would know about, then that's pretty good basis for maybe taking a deep look and maybe overturning a conviction based on that. But if it's something that someone could have gotten by reading the newspaper, that's what prosecutors worry about when people come forward after highly publicized case. And they say, I, I'm the one that did it or who did it so. And so these those exactly did the attorney. The dealt with her appeal know about resent his confession. If you did, did he do anything about it? I've been trying to reach right Castro to some time. He was the attorney that represented own drives. He's original trial. Hello, I'd left numerous messages, but one evening a manage to reach him on his cellphone off. I am not a liberal case. I believe it was in the late ninety. It was and I don't have the file at all now. I mean, I don't recall. Details, maybe a couple of things about the case, but not to where it would be significant. And I, I don't feel like I'd be a good source about that. Yeah, that's about the extent I can tell you on that. I just recently learned about that the correspondence that they had so you didn't know that on? No. Once I was been from the trial, I didn't have any contact unless they could have been the appellate lawyers. I don't know they were. I was interviewing Jack Zimmerman who represented resent his at his habeas appeal. He hadn't heard of the Callaque case, but Cousy represented resent his got to know him quite well. And I was telling him about that case and and some others. And he said it would have been up to the lawyer for the for the woman who was fully convicted to raise the fact that another person it confess because you're saying you didn't know that at the time, but what's recalls now can now I don't recall this time saying, I don't. I have to go back and look at the file which I don't have anymore many Eusko. Well, can she do now with no money? I mean, who would she wrote to the DA's office and said, this was never raised as an issue. You might wanna talk in the whole pellet lawyer, I guess. Thanks to luck. Thank you. Thanks. Written to Andrey as a few times over the years, never received any response. The so many on onset questions, and we'll be coming back to them. In the next episode, we return to the resent his type and more confessions Cleal foreign into border three or four between California member that resent is telling me about possibly full motives. He was never convicted of. If you want to find out what happens next, make sure subscribe on apple pug costs, Spotify, Google costs. We have favorite listening destination, and if you joined the show, make sure you write reviews too. From DMC media, an audio, boom. This is the deadman talking podcast. Ditman

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