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A r n fm sheridan little rock a cumulus station the final four is sets i'm rich johnson adult film actress stormy daniels is telling her side of the story on the affair of with donald trump that the white house says never happened along with a relationship came a threat when she was trying to sell her story back in twenty eleven she says a guy walked up to me and said to me leave trump alone forget this story and then she says he leaned around and looked at her daughter and said that's a beautiful little girl it'd be a shame if something happened to her mom and then she said he was gone correspondent sara side interview daniels has given to cbs's sixty minutes veterans affairs had david schulkin maybe the next top trump official to leave the administration that's the report from several news organizations the ap says the move could come this week pending a decision on who would replace him there's also word today that former us attorney joseph degen ova and his wife victoria taunting will not be joining the president's legal team citing conflicts of interest in it comes at a very un untimely time according to correspondent shimon praca show white house the president's lawyers are in the middle of negotiating a sit down with a bob muller team and all this could potentially delay that it's really unclear what any of this means because any new lawyer that you would bring in has to come on board has to read through some of the email some of this stuff that they have turned over to the special counsel all this comes as john dowd who was the president's personal lawyer has already announced his resignation overtime is how the elite eight and tonight is kentucky hit a three with about six seconds to go in regulation then pulled away from duke not to win the game eighty five eighty one and win the final trip to the final four the wildcats joined villanova loyal of chicago and michigan in the championship weekend which will be next weekend in san antonio i'm richard johnson do you have money in the stock market are you watching it bounce all over the place while you're focused on the.

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