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The Republicans and the president say we give you 1.8 trillion and she will not budge. 1.8 trillion people had died. People need this damn money anyway. Wolf Blitzer, Call it up. We'll get to that. And also Megan Kelly calling out Mom are Cuba. More Cubans hypocrisy on China, but the hearings yesterday Amy Cockney Barrett, they didn't touch her. This woman has. She is the anti Kamala Harris. She's got poise, intellect class, and again, it was, but but the the Democrats again the classless Democrats, the same gang that essentially Lynch to try to Lynch Brett Kavanaugh. Ah, they were at it again yesterday his crazy Maisy Hirono, remember? They accused Brett Kavanaugh of gang rape. And here is crazy. Maisy Hirono from Hawaii. Senator Senator. Yes, Senator Hirono asking this is this is the saint of a woman in front of her kids. We're sitting in the bright behind her. Listen to this Since you became a legal adult. Have you ever made unwanted request for sexual favors or committed any verbal or physical harassment or assault of a sexual nature? No, Senator Hirono. Have you ever faced discipline or entered into a settlement related to this kind of conduct? Now, Senator he believed that have you have as I will eat the woman at least like like she's like the most pious Catholic. And why would you even ask that question? I mean, if you have any evidence, so that's the problem. Reason to ask that question. I mean, the fact that she's a pious Catholic, I don't care. There have been pious Catholics. Okay, You got me there, right? The same. Same is Ah, right. But the truth is, like you just said, where did that come from? Exactly the same thing. It was really It was really actually. Terrible, insulting and disgusting. It was disgusting with the smarmy spoiled which kid from New Jersey off Cory Booker. I am spark is well, Let me ask you a question. Amy, Call me Barry. Hold on a second. Here, take a Listen. I want to just ask you very simply, I imagine you'll give me a very short wrestling would But you condemned white supremacy. Correct? Yes. Thank you. I'm glad to see that you said What she would have said No. I'm just curious. Yeah, for. I mean, where did that that you know what that is? That's a try to associate her with Trump and white supremacy again because the polls show The polls are showing the internal polls showing that the president has has garnered about 2025% of the black vote, and they're trying to perpetuate this lie about racism and white supremacy and make it stick to trump. They think the black people are stupid and don't know the truth. Now listen, let's goto Ah this Ah! John Cornyn asked Amy Cockney Barretto, Hold up her note pad. Take a listen to this. You know, most of us have Multiple notebooks, notes and books and things like that in front of us. Can you hold up? What? You've been referring to an answering our questions? Is there anything on it? That letterhead that says United States Senate That's it, it said. Now, everybody. That's a sat there from Gorsuch to Cavanaugh to Kagan to Sotomayor. We'll have extensive notes. She had nothing all speaking off the top of her head again. She ran circles around these idiots. She got a great temperament. The word of the day going around is unflappable. So stop the hearings. Now It's a waste. One more with Maisy. That's crazy. Maisy Hirono listen to this exchange between her and Amy Cockney barrel Not once but twice. You use the term sexual preference to describe those in the LGBTQ community and let me make clear sexual preference. Is an offensive and outdated term. It is used by anti LGBTQ activists to suggest that sexual orientation is a choice. It is not sexual orientation is a key part of a person's identity. How dare you use that term sexual preference? I actually know women. Who have gone back and forth. They have been with men. Then they've been with women. That was a choice. They weren't born that way. Jenna Wolf, by the way, is that the news person? But listen, she let's nail that even when it came to abortion when it came to health care, which is why it's great. Dr. Nicole stop pirates joining us here momentarily because no matter what they asked her She had a great answer, but that got a lot of traction on Twitter. A lot of people saying, Yeah, she's right. She's right. She's right. Well, here you have. Joe Biden. Keith Ellison. Ah, Hanoi, Dick Blumenthal, Congressman Al Green, a black congressman, Ah, Little Dick Durbin and none other than Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Using the phrase this time bring everybody along, regardless of color, sexual preference based on whatever color what with the sexual preference might be by race by age. Sexual preference doesn't matter what your sexual preferences what their sexual preference is never in the course for military career had little thing about her sexual preference had any impact based upon race, color, preference or sexual preference society. Has come to respect. People. Whatever their sexual preference. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, You're a bigot. Dr. Nicole Sapphire Fox News, Of course. Sloan Kettering. Great author. All that stuff She joins us next. New York's home for entertaining dog streaming Now on your smart speaker, Just say play 77 w A. B. C. All right. Have a nice conversation with our dear friend Bernie Pete Morgan. Just yesterday. Pete Morgan, the fine folks at Peerless.

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