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I wanna play richmond man and just play it at a kerry at the stadium and then i will like sneak over there. You can do that for the louden game. Home away. Series for loudon in richmond and as rfk refugees civil war brother against brother. Exactly exactly Yeah do you have anything else who wanted to add onto the add onto the show or is it. We want to go. I think that's curtains for show. We've got a second week of preseason coming up so we'll have a game this weekend. Theoretically to talk about And i think spirit play again. So we're we're we're moving through parts of preseason where we're actually going to have games talk about not yet games that matter but We can start to figure out. I haven't seen an hara any of these pictures yet. Any training pictures and i saw one. I did anyone. I saw one train architecture for proof he has posted on the barbara facebook groups. I did see that supinely. Isn't indeed there. I'll be curious to watch him play to. I'll be excited to watch him play john. We didn't even talk about you. Kinda stuck passed it. Your your newfound love of the us men's only did i forget. Yeah we forgot about that. Yunus mussa declared a us national team player after. It's weird that we can. I think it was. I want to make sure that i'm getting was multiple. Nationality options to choose from Ghana was one. England was one italy so there was. Us ghana italy and england could chose from and he chose the united states. He's born here. So i think he feels an actual affinity for for the united states. But osborne here on vacation even better the best kind of anchor-baby to use the pejorative word. We'll take it it's all it's all it's all been a political thing for a while but we are gonna take national team players any and he any he athletically inclined parents. Who are thinking about where to go for childbirth..

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