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In north like i'm north avenue between northwest avenue and railroad avenue is clear the traffic on the sevens or eight or any time on the man get the traffic chicago at pre approved by acted him mortgage just search t r a f f i actually cargo jim ryan to be gm traffic central the forecast from the w g and chicago weather center sunday at the beginning of the davis some clubs more coming in later high forty eight rain tonight some thunderstorms possible low of thirty nine the temperatures will be steady arising for tomorrow occasional rain again maybe a storm and a high of fifty won its thirty eight right now it all here midway forty fox late thirty six philip front thirty seven degrees that chicago news first at the top of every hour i'm steeper trend on chicago's very own seven twenty w gm the thanks everybody it's the left off monday snyder we know that the game certainly lived up to expectations very exciting finish but how did the commercials due dennis ryan trenches right now as he's done the last several years on the day after the superbowl to discuss the adds that we all saw dennis is the sealed digital kitchen an in studio with this renowned high dennis so usually being here the load down us to be honest overall we'll get into specifics in just a little bit was was yesterday as good as we hoped it would be a was a little bit of a disappointment well it's never as good as you hope it would be cause we start getting news out size expectations and of course the biggest thing that makes you happy to surprise in the hardest thing to create anymore surprise so i thought i thought it was everybody's good is past years you know but again it's kind of a national can a habit where we say every year one quit is good is last year i mean that's just expected these days it is expected that we say that because we need to be wout more and more are for it to make.

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