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It's the only father she's ever known he doesn't pregnant her right exactly he impregnates heard we're going the whole way right we're telling all the weather's okay so he impregnates her she has an abortion which she is which is performed by the town doctor let's like the one time he has like this whole like i've never broken a law except all those times i played poker he never broken like a met slaw maybe and then here a conscription nurse into keeping the and he hates religion which is a whole other thing in here movie it's like it's so lucas chases her through the woods and then she like falls down and so she's gonna have oh are you serious yeah and so he like presides over this like hey we're gonna write this down apple to me but it's not explicitly that she comes to him in his like go there is there is a seen earlier where she comes to him and he refuses to do it oh now so it was to skinless in the movie they didn't do it in the book there is no taco miscarriage she has like in his office saying i need this i want to die i can't do this and he is so consumed by fury at the stepfather that he does it willingly big go to the hospital in he implicates this nurse who actually was a really nice little of writing that was one of the one of them are clear moment.

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