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I found out doing some homework and i was like yeah let's bring aboard is beach body on demand now you may say wait dan come on how did you know beach body on the man i didn't right away but when i did my homework i said no way they produce that stuff what did they produce okay here's what beach body on demand is it's an easy to use streaming service it gives you instant access to a wide variety of really incredible workouts you can do from the comfort of your own living room twenty four seven these guys kick caboose all over the place some of here's some of the history of six here's some of the programs this is how i know them you ever hear of p ninety x insanity twenty one day fixed t twenty five he ever hear my wife loves insanity not like my wife loves san cut that one how media insanity the workup when my wife had after our second child amelia she used i'm not kidding if she was if she's listening right now paula am i making this up at insanity you out there yes you say there you go she crushed it on insanity people were like paul get back in shape and like three weeks it's saturday did it this is one of beach body on demands major successors p ninety x us p ninety x when we used to travel overseas with the secret service because we couldn't find a gym sometime this thing was telling had rip you to shreds p ninety x it was awesome they have some of the best trainers on the market motivated by celebrity super trainers sean t charlene johnson tony horton and autumn calibers they have hundreds of affective workers for all fitness levels ranging from bodybuilding to weight training cardio hit to yoga even dance workout if that's you're interested in my favorites court affords because mixed martial arts i love to grapple quarter force is especially if you have a little bit of fight your best work as you get a nice little six pack that stuff matters to you know paula like said don't tell anyone.

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