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With you so just for the New York audience now is on WFAN was just joining as we've been talking about you know what else baseball and the annoyance that that is causing here the torture for the last three weeks the idea that they cannot come to an agreement we had Kyle Glaser of baseball America on talking about it and you know just the idea they've already ruined the support they've already ruined the excitement for the sport possibly returning you know how meaningful is really a sixty game fifty game season even if they have it to mean out of all personally not at all professionally Hey bring it back we need more baseball I'll take anything we've done everything yes also over the World Series please just let me get let me get paid professionally you need it and a lot of people you know I need and a lot of people out there do as well personally I would be beyond disgusted with it and even you know it's funny it's not just me and my friends not just people on Twitter Kyle was talking about it before that him and his friends in a group chat is friends say they're fed up with it now how many I'm sick of percentages I want to go there but how many people that are saying that they're sick of it will wipe your will on get back into it I'm sure that they'll be a large portion of it but anyway I I think people beyond disgusted with Major League Baseball who even knows they can be able to have a season to the covert stuff so that leads to another thing that will be talked about wear a mask I mean in New York I should have to tell you that we should be doing pretty well as far as getting back to school he started openings up in large part because we've been taking proper measurements and wearing masks and social distancing you'll go to everybody been partying for three months while we've been quarantining them now they start to pay the ramifications of that and before we get to the call the five five two one.

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