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Laws which he had I should love Kentucky I love Kentucky sincerely I've been on Lexington Kentucky numerous times I love the lex Vegas about a couple of great nights and lex Vegas we still own horses there in Kentucky I love Kentucky so don't get this twisted this is not me taking a run at lex Vegas I love Lexington so my best friends are in Lexington summer horses are in Lexington get Jetta is in Lexington get your girl is in Lexington our unnamed straight fire cold is in Lexington I posted on our Instagram page earlier this week because if you want name the horse how about it although I've already got a couple names in mind remember the story behind straight fire we named it straight fire straight fire Jamie Ross and I talked about that Jamie Roth is one of our partners and I said James Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie owns lots and lots and lots of horses and Jamie is the best I know it naming horses which is not easy to do so usually she handles that I see Jamie I've got the name of the horse we are partner in this horse straight fire within issues as well and I said I've got a name for a horse that I've been holding onto me run this by you St fire and she says I think I like that where that come from I said you know it's a kind of a well known phrase but right got it was from Mike Tomlin when he debuted on Twitter and Jamie is a force on Twitter I said when Mike Tomlin debuted on Twitter he said I'm promise you nothing but straight fire and so I love the name straight fire force we want to make sure we had a good horse before we needed straight fire this call that I'm talking about which is in Lexington is this a sign of straight fire so I need a name that's commensurate with that and I've got a few thoughts coming off of straight fire somewhere straight fire but if you want to volunteer named it's not yes or Sarah Jessica or anything else stupid the Yukon's have I'm open to it you don't have to name the horse until the horse runs and this horse is only once we have time keep in mind third hours coming up interviews with his back beyond and Jessie Bates go ahead gross those wants.

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