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Sports leap to all the players that I have worked with this would have never been possible without them buying into me. Then ultimately they're great play that they put on the field for our twos. Special. Thanks to the great group. I just left in Chicago. It's a special group a group that I thoroughly enjoyed coaching and we'll miss coaching. The great groups in San Francisco right before that for all their great play. Then what they have meant for me. Fangio the new head coach of the Denver Broncos. And it might even be a semi you'll have the title, but Gary kubiak used to be the the head coach here is going to come back and run the offense for them. He's been which is nice. I think that's a really good. That's a really good one. Now kubiak can stepped away because of physical issues wore out, you know, he just said, hey, I just can't do this anymore. And he was a guy he's been with organization kubiak a long time. But he was in Houston. I believe is when he when he backed out, but he had been Elway's backup there as a player and longtime but Fangio good for him sixty years of age, and especially in this age, whether you know, hey, let's get a young offensive guy. A dashing offense guide lead lead our team. Somebody said, hey, defense still still counts. And let's bring this guy in well, they had a defensive guy in Vance Joseph. They gave him one year. Head coach head coach and then chased him out. And now they bring in Victoria, NGO has spent all but one of the past thirty three years is an NFL assistant coach. And of course, the last four years he's been the bears defensive coordinator. And you know, this guy's coached some outstanding players. I mean, he's he coach Ray Lewis coach, Kevin Greene. You know, you think of the the the the saints group that he had with Rickey Jackson and Vaughn was at Vaughn Johnson. And Pat swilling and those guys, and then of course, you know, he's coach Khalil Mack. And now a Denver he gets to coach defense if they keep them that has Bradley, Bradley, Chubb and von Miller on the edges and Chris Harris in the secondary. Some big time talent there so good for Vic sixty years old finally gets first head coaching job. At tells you wanna tells you that if you really want to be an NFL head coach, you know. I mean, it's a long road thirty three years as an assistant. And if you look at his itinerary, he's been here. He's been there. He's he's like he goes somewhere new every year. But he's you know, he's moved around. He has moved around the country and his family. I guarantee you has paid a price. But at six gotta love it. And what's the girlfriend nowadays sixty Eddie who telling us yesterday that his girlfriend somebody's? A friend of his now quote girl funny when you're sixty your girlfriend, but good good good for him. I mean, everything's the bears defense being awesome. But you when he inherited that bears defense they were thirtieth in the NFL in two thousand fourteen year before he arrived, and then they improved from thirtieth in two thousand fourteen to thirteenth in two thousand seventeen and then number one in scoring defense and takeaways this year, and obviously now they've got a keen Hicks and Eddie Goldman and Eddie Jackson and roquan Smith Khalil Mack. Leonard floyd. I mean, they've they have bolstered their personnel for sure, but Vic had a lot to do with it too. Yeah. I just tell you when when you say thirty three years as an assistant and Larry night talk. Sometimes when he was young buck doing the the scouting and the Canadian league, and you just hours you spend one hundred hour weeks. Mary. You can't be right. You're single then. I was single. I mean, you can there are plenty of guys. I mean, it believe me, this is a sport that the ruins a lot of marriages really does just kind of the way it is. You're you're way to your work, and you better be all in and then some. Yeah. Or you're not to be long for it. It's a very competitive field and one hundred hour workweeks or just common. Well, you know, it's scary. And it just again, just as he human being is when your co workers become your family. When I say scary. Everybody's different. And but my gosh, your co workers are your family. You know, that's who you rely on. That's who you wanna I mean, just think Renault fed Brian. In fact, even the great our family. Dan. I'll go. No, no, it does not good guy. I don't even recognize my kids, I know DNR Ogden and get dead Ogden to the heads and heard this. But I I like I said you have at your funeral. The only people there are Dan Ogden, Larry hammer. Mike Lee, Leo, be Lee would come back twice for dessert. You know? You know, what I mean Li would say we bury him again. And this time, maybe give out some free pens. But anyway, it's just the idea we're all gonna play the Olympic club after the. After the can I tell you that after the way clear you've got into that. Right. You go to a funeral. And then okay. The poor guy's dead. What the hell he also left enough money? So we can go have a real nice brunch. And then you go eat the guy's dead. Sarai thing to do remember a quality light over thirty three fricking years as an assistant long time in a long time sixty and he's now just getting reaching the, you know, the fee of his field to make enough money where if you don't want to do something you don't have to write. Because when you're you're. You know, any assistance who just said, hey, I love this so much yet. I don't want to have the PR responsibilities. I don't want to have all that stupid media stuff. Well, he's gotta go. He got. I rather be an assistant. Thank you guys. All right. And I could just do something. I love. Yeah. I just I mean, I mean, I don't want to deal with press conferences, and this and that you see it more. I think in other in college. I think we're we're guys are I k you know, what I don't want to be a head coach because it's kind of a CEO type position. Yeah. Where at least in the NFL, you could be it's still very much. You're a football coach. I mean, it's that's your primary responsibility. Even if you're the head coach football coach. Yeah, we're in college. It's almost like you're a you're an administrator. It's if you were a lover of football out of the times those guys do top out or want to top attic at like, a coordinator almost. Yeah. But that's the days of doing both like wall, she used to do everything. Right. And and even in the NBA, the guy who just got fired timid oh was jobs. Now, I don't know that you can do both Doc Rivers did both with Shanahan if your couch. Shanahan is sharp is he is. Yeah. You're still you know, it's November. And you're watching film of you know, whatever Tampa are whatever team you're playing this week or next week and you're trying to win football games. And then there's a different skill set of well who's gonna who's who's scouting Ed Oliver this weekend who scouting Quinton Williams this weekend, who's in you know, who's in Kentucky to watch challen on Saturday. I mean, these are these are, you know, huge endeavors. There's big money on the line. You know, these are sizable investments, and the organizations it, I don't know anybody who can do it. All how old was Madden. We talk about. He was forty when he quit or forty one forty shorties. Yeah. And he just said, hey, I it's just too much right? It's burned me out that you have a shelf life Walsh. Do you have shelf-life for like ten years? And then you just people quit listening to you. You're. Well, there's always story. You want to move every ten years. Yeah. Because your message no longer resonates with the players, and that they've heard all your stories and all your anecdotes, and you've basically done everything that you can to get the most out of them over that period of time. And you lose your affective nece. I dunno. I bet you bitch. If you ask Bill Walsh, he probably would tell you that he left's obviously is no longer here to discuss it there. He probably tell you is later years that he left too early because he had established he had driven himself so hard, but he had established such an incredible standard for that organization in every way imaginable that you know, would have been nice for him to enjoy some of the fruits of his labor a few more years. He knows he knows he felt like he handed see for the Super Bowl the very next year. Absolutely. Tired after the game in my in Miami. And then Seaford came back when there would fifty five to fifty five ten over Denver. And the Niners were great the next year as well. They almost went to the Super Bowl and ninety only to to you know, the Roger Craig fumble game. They lost to the giants who eventually would go do what Tampa and knock off buffalo. Yeah. That was that was we talk about this all the time that was not going to be a foregone conclusion, by the way, the Niners would have beaten buffalo because that buffalo team was incredibly loaded. Yeah. And they had played earlier that year hadn't they had a candlestick. I believe had a great shootout. And omar. In the forties. Yeah. Yeah. Who knows maybe the Niners win that game? But it would have been Steve Young at the very beginning. Starting that game. And who knows how what a guy that was a great great game regular season game though at candlestick, buffalo, and no punts. Yeah. It would and Jim Kelly is heightened Thurman Thomas. Anyway, the bottom line here is good for Vic Fangio who if you love somebody and you hang around long enough. God bless ya. He's getting his shot in Denver. All right. Once again, if you're a got a few years on you. You know, who warn wells is if you don't I think his story is compelling enough, and our repeated again Madden said he could have been the greatest receiver that ever played Bill Walsh went on to say that he was the most feared player in the American football league. Bill walsh. Who was then a coordinator with the Cincinnati Bengals the guy who chronicle is story. Ted Griggs will join us in a few minutes on the sports leader. Gary and Larry on. Eighty the sports leader time.

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