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This holiday season jeff belanger bloomberg radio wbz news time eleven '09 investigators have identified the man killed in a bicycle crashed yesterday he's 40yearold john pair of charlton police say he had just turned off a street ought to route twenty westbound when he was struck by a car the driver of that car stopped and has been cooperating with police his name has not been released and so far no charges have been filed a dorchester man who's been held since earlier this week on unrelated charges now charged with two murders and dorchester that happened last sunday scott stevens junior was riding his motorcycle along with his dad on the expressway southbound when they were both struck by gunfire near exit twelve the son died from his injuries and yesterday his father talked about the tragedy two wbz tvs luiz a mole scott stevens emotionally describes the moments when he says he and his son were randomly gunned down as they rode their motorcycles south on i ninety three indoor check asked her or saw an through the scapula and broke some ribs the bullet launched by my spine then the heart wrenching realization 32yearold scot junior was shot in the head his son has since died i walked back toll and there was a lot of people help with them already i just milk violent held land solomon who was who has a lengthy criminal record is charged with the murder of stevens and with killing a woman in dorchester later that at that evening the red sox have been fined an undisclosed amount of money for using an apple watched to steal signs from the yeah thank you sir lear this season but wbz tvs dan roach tells us baseball commissioner rob manfred also find the evil empire enke's strangely enough were also fired a lesser evolve but for a violation sometime prior to this season for improper use of a dugout falls red sox asked the major league baseball while the look at them stealing sides now the commissioner did go onto warn all 30 teams that if something like this happens again the punishment would be much stronger including possible loss of graphics all the fines will be donated to hurricane relief efforts in florida wbz news time eleven eleven and.

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