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His son and his wife. The siege went on for several days. I don't think it was two weeks but 10 11 12. Days of siege went on, and eventually he was walked off the mountain and not killed And it was interesting cause there was civil litigation against Um, the federal law enforcement involved. He ultimately was only convicted of the original weapons charge. Not anything else. He was charged with murder. Based on the federal agents, agents being killed there on the mountain, acquitted of all of that and got 18 months in jail on the original weapons charge, Uhm notwithstanding what I think which should have been a pretty good Uh, argument that That he was conned into violating the law and then trapped for that reason. But it all goes to show how some of these silly and they are silly. Regulations under in a fake and be used to put people in jail if the government wants to put in jail, and that's not having my tinfoil hat on, folks. It's just not, um it's a simple truth of things because the N F A has gotten so convoluted. I'm going to go through the particulars of this later in the show that it makes no sense. And what they want to make illegal under this current discussion of pistol braces. If you go back to your original intent of the NFL, they said, Well, these these monsters, she's mafiosos could have these ultra dangerous weapons that they can make smaller by chopping down the barrels or making them concealable. That was the big concern. There was a category of benefit regulated firearms. They couldn't describe any other way. So they just called them any other weapons And essentially those air weapons designed to be concealed on the body. Well, now they've gotten this so back ass words. That the less concealable it is, the more likely they're going to send you to jail for it. With this new guidance they're offering us on stabilizer braces, the complete opposite of the intent of the NFL, and I'll explain all of that. We come back right now. We're a little past three quarter hours trying to take a break. Come back. We had a bunch more folks on hold. On bits, a delight to be back in the chair, and I love listening to our our collars and interact with them. When they call and say, I'm gonna go back to the phone lines. We come back, and we'll continue the discussion in the second hour as well. Right now we're taking a break. This is guy Relford on the gun guy show on 93 to be widely see numbers. Third way the number of cases rising exponentially vaccine in record time as these vaccine doses rollout of comeback victory over the coronavirus..

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