Westminister Bridge, Lana, Mister Brooks discussed on Sean Hannity


The seventy forty one minutes and seventeen seconds now this is a another important consideration that we discovered as we evaluated this case Westminister bridge was shot there isn't Lana obviously that requires that the offices have to provide timely medical attention to Mister Brooks are the one who is injured but after Mr Brooks was shot for some two minutes and twelve seconds off their walls no medical attention apply to Mister Brooks we examine the videotape in our discussions with witnesses what we discovered is during the two minutes and twelve seconds that officer Ralph actually Mister Brooks while he laid on the ground while he was there fighting for his life secondly from the videotape we were able to see that the other officer officer Bronson and actually still on Mr Brooks's shoulders while he was there struggling for his life we were able to conclude based on the way that these offices conducted themselves well Mister Brooks was lying there the demeanor of the officers immediately after the shooting do not reflect our danger of Mister.

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