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Unlike teenage surfers every single one of them even the girls under all just going to sound raspy as hell ever own is raspy ear it is just like yeah this also love to do this i saved more world oil burry a going you're going puree michael awake is getting so big i read sorry well here i'm just full of pack exploded seal i don't know how i feel them in a very personal over the place coward likes thebault in brave through whatever you one free jerusalem that he whenever i want even though i'm scared we always your question murder rape uh what he does prefer miss or the of you actively really bad christmas special from the 80s i missed the cigarchomping old pakistan i three instilled in pag i what i said earlier which is the uncanny valley which is like when you talk about like robots that look a little too close to human but aren't there and they make you uncomfortable i feel like the uncanny valley of quality i prefer it to be way further from good then this close to quality will also just i think that in the original 'pacman show he never sticks is tungao and it never extends across an entire city slurping up all the good and that a true i didn't i didn't need across my leg some mines while watch offering referring girl i really was just they can what adlia could do with that i don't need a crash my legs in fan myself so much exactly yeah ii regional one was very bad but it was bad in a different way i would say that old hanna barbera style i i kind of watched it and felt in the stall gic four it even though i had never seen it before and it was not good yeah it was just the there was something about the way they did the eyes and kind of like the soft it which is very soft everything was soft yeah whereas in this when everything was very was squeaky everything the squeaky it fell just felt like if you reached out and touched the tv got everything everything felt like it was made out of a like real shiny erasers.

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