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Island ferry caller four right now one eight hundred three to one wpro everybody loves take ferry over there and of course you know summer's coming so to round trip passes on the block island ferry one eight hundred three to one to be pri tonight in cleveland we've been talking about it celts and the cavaliers game for their eastern conference final series south leading series two games to one tip off at eight thirty the patriots moved on to face three of their ota's today tom brady nor rob gronkowski were present mandatory minicamp is june fifth through seven after taking three or four of them a baltimore orioles over the weekend the red sox are off tonight bill a series in tampa tomorrow night jd martinez has been named the american league player of the week dd roy is back in the lineup tonight when the yankees opened a series in texas against the rangers masahiro tanaka against bartolo column six thirty pregame on am seven ninety and the pawsox ho scranton mccoy jalen beat skin beat around top the second scranton has a three nothing lead six thirty three to the revolution softwash news center we go z man ball gresh thanks here's what's going on a major push on this afternoon to keep rhode island's law providing for mediation when a homeowner faces foreclosure from expiring in july that's when it's due to run out the commerce corporation says the four companies it's announced reader expanding or relocating in rhode island will net one hundred eighteen billion dollars in revenue over fifteen years and that they say is above the tax credits that reused to attract them and the president roger williams university planning to step down just over a year from now donald farish took the helm at our w you in twenty eleven his contract expires in june two thousand nineteen which is when he plans to retire from the seascape yard guard weather center accuweather meteorologist bob larsen says a clear to partly cloudy night tonight with a low of fifty two tomorrow cloudy not as warm shower in the area late in the afternoon with a high of sixty tomorrow night mostly cloudy a shower around until after midnight low fifty four and then wednesday warmer with sun on some clouds and a high of seventy seven currently it's seventy degrees here at the weather station from the wpro traffic center here's your trusted choice insurance regional traffic a real quiet night on the roads right now easy getting into and through providence on one forty.

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