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Wallace also which I would complain about that totally misleading and taken out of context announcement but I'm not because there is bigger news today and let me put it in a number fifty six fifty six you know I'm talking about yes it's your birthday yes it is little surprise to see that you were fifty six years old I I did not know that you were wrong I didn't have a way to put it but I don't you see without a shirt on and you think I have the body of a twenty year old is that right I I I don't know I don't know I I thought you were about fifty I know you're in good shape you look really young and vigorous and do you do you do something to yourself I mean do we do botox or they're required by the air or something like that nothing all I do is now I got it I got a peloton well because they screwed up my gym down I'm the only one tonight Jim access in the country so I have to work out a little bit of home so I do that and that's about it you know I get a massage go to chiropractors that that's like botox in a way enemy to you what you want the palatine I've been usually the only ones I see on TV using pallet town or where women to weigh about a hundred and ten pounds you haven't seen the commercials in line a man and woman look at each other across the apartments and they're in competition and the woman wins I sense that this was the play out they would date but that's just to show you how much how much of the peloton ed absolutely so like when you rent a pilot plant do you tune in to you know one of one of those classes and you hear them and they think and Bryan your third no I haven't yet to take a live class I always take them on tape but it's it's really it's listed by Tom Dunn I'm I'm sweating that's the case what are you thirty six year old Brian Kilmeade ladies and gentlemen I have provided you with that image which you'll never be able to wear right right Chris Wallace has a book coming out called countdown count down nineteen forty five the extraordinary story the hundred sixteen days to change the world are coming out on June ninth so you're going to try to do a book tour and I'll try to do a lot of media but it's going to be tough on because you can't travel I can only travel right I mean right now I would choose going to bring I mean they're telling me the other day the the the publicist for the book the the publishers are saying a virtual book signing as a what's a virtual book signing and apparently like you get on Skype presume or something like that and you sit there and you signed books while people on the on on the system you know I'm very good at this technical stop technological stop ask you questions so I don't know I got that going to be doing have you ever done a virtual book signing yeah I did some home we're going to do some other stuff like on zoom what type thing I know it's gonna work we're doing it actually we do actually in total size of a paperback coming out Tuesday so fact they would tell me how this will promote this to I'm doing this thing a zoom says this is the verbiage come join me on Tuesday may twelfth to help celebrate the paperback release obscenity Alamo Avengers got printed material it's happening resumes seeing grab a ticket by going to bring to me dot com okay that's it honestly my Grammy book and we can talk sometime soon though we were talking about me and somehow that turned into a quote for you in your virtual down right that's what happens I was a parent I took your argument he changed gears but a but you're not you're not having a new book coming out in June I I don't wanna have to compete against you because you're gonna kick my if you do right I would and but now it's coming out like I have a new one coming out on Tuesday just the paperback version of same you see Elmo dangers which is cheaper bendable and includes what Lincoln asked Sam Houston to do and what happens to you boarded the books we don't need to buy that and you can save up and go on Amazon or Barnes and noble of one of those sites right now and put it in a month you'll be getting it count down nineteen forty five the the hundred and sixteen days to change the world the story I've been told by my publisher the two were later promote the story of Harry Truman who becomes president on April twelfth on August sixth he drops a bomb on Hiroshima and can I say it is a really good book so as you know I sent it out to a lot of my colleagues at boxes thank you and I nearly got out to my bestselling colleagues that box and that was forty seven people I mean my god everybody approximate written a book and there's a fellow as you know name Jonathan bland who used to be the executive producer three PM show I think that is with all due respect to you end of may I think he is the smartest person at fox and the best writer it blocks he read the book in one day so folks it's it's it's a and he said he couldn't put it down and he loved to write log I may I may like to put out his review of the book and it doesn't get any better than that he is a very smart guy I used to work with chat now I get to bring it to a story that has a very simple and I think they really should hit home and make you rethink everything okay okay in New York we have this is the most popular governor by the polls is governor Andrew Cuomo and I give you credit for being honest he said I'm looking at other hospitalizations which are all going down and I found out that sixty six percent of the hospitalizations are from people who are sheltering at home forty six percent of them of the seas are unemployed thirty seven percent retired three percent use public transportation Chris he thought the role first responders are going to be the positive ones and now it turns out we're sitting at home on our couch wasting our lives and it's not helping sixty six percent we're bending the curve despite yet they don't want us to walk on that we can walk on the beach quickly we can't stop and sipped right we can't go to a restaurant or jewelry store we go liquor store we can't we can't go to the far as we go we go to the nursery I mean I we can't get a hair cut right because we'll we will find the curve what what what point we gonna say thanks I got it we'll take it from here okay so let me just ask this because I think you and I disagree to some degree about the book there is nothing more that I would like to enter the country to re open for the the virus not to spike you know I have to do to go back to sit in a slow measured way to normal and and for us not to get a lot sicker if that's what happens nobody is going to be happier in the world than I am and everybody else listening to you the question is is that what's going to happen it's not a question of sort of policy your opinion it's a question of what's gonna happen and are you are you firmly convinced that we're going to open up and and you know we are we're gonna be where Massimo do that but you know we're gonna get closer to each other and even if the current they're continuing cases are continuing which goes against but the task force guidelines and nothing bad is going to happen still there might be but something bad happens every day there were on the sidelines every day and which is best exemplified with that salon owner in Texas she said I have to open up I gotta get to work they served with the summons they said I she's like I'm not paying it they bring her to court and they said I want you to make yourself they should pay the fine since I'm not gonna do that I'm just trying to save my business I am socially distancing so my hair dressers and they put her in jail in jail probing a pro business ten days early with because now all of a sudden the governor of Texas has Friday we're going to allow salon still open and how could you if you were a jewelry store business so we're not but it's mother's day you're asking these people to sacrifice everything for a theory we know the rules let us in the game that's how I feel well I look I I completely agree putting our jailers still but I mean you can argue whether they could have shot the shot but the lawn down I mean you got it if there's a rule out there that says and you look at the book very conservative Republican governor of Texas Greg Abbott who said you can't open these kinds of stories that she opened up a lot.

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