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Of some annuity decisions and the the exciting boldness of your initiative aged only twenty one really reminds me of the effect Madonna has had on the music industry because. You basically did buy it. trickles down from that point because now, as you say going Lacy Bra is something that's very commonplace. Buying sex toys. There's lots of other shops that. Cater for women's sexual selves. In fact, I'd say off the top of my head in terms of the high street I feel everything is kind of geared towards the female consume. I can't really think of a high street place that's more for what you know the irony about this. It's so true. Seventy percent of purchasing decisions are made by women and yet most companies most brands are headed by men. Yeah. I've never got that never know but then is this in music industry. When I was eighteen, I signed my first record deal I went for a meeting with the mercury records and I was all excited. I had such an idea of what a music record company would look like and how like on finger on the pulse and when I was. So disappointed, there was a load people sat you start looking at their computers and using photoshop even like doing exciting design things or music things. Using Photoshop to do like promo copies of CDs and I was thinking that's the first thing of Fam- will own. Why didn't you put loads of work into that? Because that's the thing we'll be really excited about and turning over and looking at the details and trying to work things out about this new music, and then the boss Guy He's a nice guy. But. He was in his sixties and we're having a chat about music and he was correcting me all the time and telling me what people my age we're interested. I thought I'm science right in front of you an eighteen year old girl. WHO's passionate easy. Why didn't you ask me? I'm not going to be right about everything but have you found things change? I think what it is is more that you find your people and then there was some really good people I met run then to, and then they just continued on a really successful trajectory. So I wouldn't say I think that's been eliminated at all no and I think if you have art and commerce working together, there's always going to be starting uncomfortable bedfellows because you're going to get people who you know think they're snazzy job because it's music but ultimately what they're doing is working with stoke, you're you're..

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