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City sports scene has ever seen and probably ever woolsey johnson of florida thanks a hitting me up a triple eight eight years be unjustified say about kobe's legacy on friday and fits or credit card report more pleasure big pay engulf the regular so um and why i just wanna to say kobe bryant medicine laser how we do here with receptor like m one one image we have the number eight the young stuck com it straight out of high school established that look in the crowd and talk to the crowd and then you have you know the second half of his career when came came in twenty four know how sitting in almost a more mature player of playing that was willing to make others around him that a player that key in it kind of spoke on a today's press conference when he said that you know he's to it's it's part of his legacy is about what he does to reflect on other feed wouldn't it and it's actually was muslim boys that his so i just wanted to weigh on a wait on that respect to the kobe ones that goes about of this generation that was a pleasure to watch we play one thank you so much lot like barry bonds from the standpoint plenty of guys that barry bonds played with always todd that what a great teammate he was never mind the fact that so many people for the exact opposite when it came the barry bonds and just like kobe bryant bribe bosnian give him if you were in a part of that circle if you didn't like him that was on you dude that was on you man that was not on him kobe was the same way but yet look at all the hall of fame the show tonight a guy that he had a runin with and shaquille o'neal couldn't wait to be there bill russell he was there dr jay he was there plenty of those greats other greats and when i have more j spirit an undefeated on he's a guy to play pick up with kobe felt the need to be there i had heard of chris men's name naming a lot he's there tonight slab of davidenko he's there tonight that says a.

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