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Is giving Ukraine another $322 million to help fight Russia ABC's Marcus Moore reports French president Emmanuel Macron was able to hold off a challenge from far right nationalist Marin le pen with her anti immigration and anti NATO policies and ties to Russia there was a real fear that a le pen victory would upend European unity and the fight to save Ukraine but instead Macron after a tight race was able to win a decisive 59% of the vote overnight President Biden tweeting his congratulations noting France as a key partner in addressing global challenges and saying he looks forward to our continued close cooperation The German Chancellor describing Macron's victory as a quote vote of confidence in Europe while here in Paris Macron's supporters telling me they do feel a real sense of relief even though we did see some protests here overnight as was expected but le pen really did put the world on notice appealing to voters here with her populist policies earning 41% of the vote That is the best finish by the far right ever in a French election in le pen says that in and of itself is a victory What would you buy with $44 million Well if your Elon Musk you buy Twitter Rachel luhrmann is covering it for The Washington Post and spoke with Taylor van zeiss Rachel what can you tell us about the details of this deal to buy Twitter Yeah So you know Elon Musk put in this bed a little bit more than a week ago and at first it seemed like Twitter's board was going to reject it But after he kind of outlined how he would pay for the deal they announced it today So as soon as it gets finalized he's going to be in control of Twitter And as you report these negotiations started yesterday lasted into at least the morning hours today Does anybody really know other than the signatories on this deal when this would close You know it's hard to say because it depends if regulators need to get involved at all It shouldn't be a super long close That company is saying it's going to close some time this year but it's unclear exactly how long it will take What about what changes for Twitter once Elon Musk signs his name on the dotted line Do we know how he wants to change the company Kind of a $1 million question Elon Musk has said that he really wants to promote free speech that believe that if tweets are kind of exist in a gray area then he would lean toward keeping them up online That's got some critics concerned about how much content moderation he might potentially walk back but he also said that he didn't have all the answers for what that would look like And he hasn't announced any firm plans on it It's interesting to note though that he's not going to be just an owner he's also a massive content provider with 83 million followers A lot of those followers have been interested in his other projects like Tesla SpaceX The Boring Company Do we know if he's going to take a more hands off role at those other ventures Good question It does seem like he like many billionaires we're seeing these days He's very interested in space and Tesla has been kind of his baby for a long time So I think it's sort of unlikely that he's going to step back from Tesla and SpaceX But as you know he has a lot going on So it kind of depends how involved he decides to get in Twitter Will he just be an owner Will he be an executive We're not sure yet Some people really didn't want him to buy Twitter though and there was that poison pill strategy that would cut other investors something of a deal so they could buy shares at a lower price and stave off a Musk buyout What ended up killing that plan or is that not released yet Yeah so the poison pill was sort of a way for the board to make it more difficult for Musk to buy Twitter but once he came out with this financing plan that said oh I'm going to get loans for the roughly half of the deal and then I'm going to use my own equity to finance the other half It seemed to lend some credibility to it So we think that might be one of the impetuses for the board reconsidering or kind of taking another look at the offer Elon Musk will own Twitter if this is all approved and pushed through and reporting on this in The Washington Post is Rachel luhrmann who's joining us on northwest news radio Rachel thank you That's Taylor van seiss Your stock charts dot com money update on northwest news radio The popular shops at Burlington fashion outlets has sold for $9.5 million Four of the 5 biggest tenants Nike Lululemon coach and Pendleton previously announced that they would all be closing their stores on the property which opened 30 years ago Seattle based PCC community markets says it now has 102,000 members a 13% increase from 2020 PCC operates 16 stores in the Seattle area and is planning a new store in the Madison valley neighborhood The Dow gained 238 points to close at 34,049 NASDAQ rose one 65 and the S&P 500 gained 24 This is rob Smith with northwest news radio Did you gain weight during the pandemic Denise Whitaker got some expert advice on how to lose it Steven perron executive director for AARP magazine says it really comes down to when you're eating protein He tells me the average American dinner is filled with more protein than our bodies can process And that's a very unhelpful way to eat because our bodies need about 25 to 30 grams of protein at any given time once we're in mid life In order to make and hold on to muscle Parin tells me the average American needs to spread those proteins out throughout the day He said they tried this with a panel of 100 volunteers Over the course of 12 weeks he says some of those volunteers lost as many as 12 pounds It's easy He says to add protein to a meal too for instance if you're someone who likes to have oatmeal with breakfast that's a great choice Don't give it up but he says add some Greek yogurt a protein smoothie or some cottage cheese that you're getting protein in with that fiber A top infectious disease expert calls the ruling to strike down the mask mandate a real challenge The U.S. public is done with the pandemic even though the virus is not done with us And we have to recognize that in public health Doctor Michael lost her home.

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