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Or no? Y'all familiar with the borough Brooklyn. They're familiar with different million with LA. You don't see people talking about the clippers that much. And that's not to say they should it. But the point is it doesn't happen the brand. That is the Brooklyn. Nets, not the Knicks. Now don't get me wrong. The Brooklyn nets on may Kenny ax in those, those doing a fabulous job. I mean they did a sensational job last year. Mad love and respect for the Brooklyn nets no question about it. But I'm telling you right now, if Katie went to New York and brought just one chip. He'd be the biggest star in basketball in New York basketball history. But. Aw, that's with either franchise. So then the question become out, do you want to go to the franchise? It gives you a lesser chance of doing that or the franchise a greater chance of doing wrong with David phys Dale. And it's got pairing Steve mill. It's changing every couple years changing.

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