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Five left two lanes are blocked off because of road work as well and in Spring Hill on US nineteen a few blocks south of Spring Hill drive our records in the roadway Steve foster looks like another warm evening for us temperatures in the low eighties a bit of humidity around at a few clouds left but clear skies overnight seventy our forecast low for Friday morning eighty seven continued warm weather under high pressure will continue into the weekend Saturday a low of sixty eight degrees of warm high of eighty eight could be some low nineties inland areas for Sunday as well rain chances less than ten percent with a high of eighty six degrees east to southwest winds in the afternoons of the sea breezes there five to ten knots sees wanted to look for a light chop on bay waters I'm used to it only keep it around just Steve Jervis technician it show live every weekday afternoon from three to six on twelve fifty W. agency impact radio is this talk of a vaccine what all researchers looking for I will explain here in just a bit here on Schmidt welcome back at eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine nationwide number that's how you dial into this program anything any time were obviously taking your calls any faster the corona virus your comments your questions your positive input your fears the conspiracy garbage which I tried to dispel all at every single turn whatever I.

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