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From the auto bell hearing aid studios these these news radio WFLA welcome back to a and Tampa Bay Jack carefully back on Monday thank you again to rain a Martin and Bob the head Hadi for coming in to talk about the the festival coming up this week and I like it hot yeah they left them hot sauces my. the name of my hot sauce weapons of math destruction. how hot is that long in the bay I've got freedom fire that's a good I like social swirl socialist swirl you Connie one I got a a nice spicy mustard sauce too so make sure to check out that festival in Largo this weekend record rain coming up next but first and remember the Buccaneers big win last night in the division would you be okay. if. where the Buccaneers play Raymond James stadium was no longer Raymond James stadium but was named after maybe one of the porn sites that you've heard all been two or maybe frequented many a times would you be okay with that I don't think I'd be okay with that I'm not a prude but I just thing will be weird how about the home of the Miami Heat which is currently the American Airlines arena I really like that place. looks like a porn business is trying to buy the naming rights bang Bros. hang Bros a managing you're going to a basketball game in your life Hey I'm gonna go meet my friends to see the heat at the bang Bros arena. not having. it's too much is too much I think it's too much but money talks ten million dollars what will he here's the thing is it the American Airlines there of giving up the name yes they have the guys out there so they're not tied to this yeah may I let this is my energy to after twenty years is that we're gonna get the name right so so now that's how this whole thing started mereka airlines arena saying that they have. to talk to us earlier well you know the company lined up I don't think it was about bang Bros. yeah so I'll let you clear as we as we continue on the Xerox also naming of the stadium would be fine yeah it's a free enough to bang Bros brothers is just not appropriate. motor you know like in the stadium like you know usually you could like have like ads like you just there what would you work with an ounce feel like there's a Lamar Odom's I hear somewhere he used to play for the right. ten million dollars money talks how much is the usual bid is that like a question one it depends on every it depends on the market it depends on the team. but a little hole bone town it's a big city and bang Bros apparently is a Miami based porn production company I would say not personally from my own knowledge but from what I've heard it's a major right you haven't heard. porn sites so even besides a porn site would you want to go with something like preparation H. bowl. it's kind of funny. so we have I mean that wouldn't surprise me the stadium you know local ball ball. well is that two twenty ninety eight and they were also highlights how much money is in that industry you don't really think about that because it's not in your face but that's a big bed all around like I mean at least may look I don't think about how much money is in the industry yeah I'm not able to what type of money they make in the porn industry they make a lot of money so yes you could in the future be driving through downtown Miami and pass the bang Bros center where the Miami Heat. not on my life lot of them that we should be using that are never happened in Tampa I don't think it will because we're not a CD as Miami and we have a better Cuban sandwich tractor break coming up next eight hundred nine six nine nine three five two but first let's see what's making news with Chris treatment to students are hurt after a fight that led to six arrests in Tampa the fight broke out of Middleton high school one of the students arrested is charged with battery on a law enforcement officer two students were taken to the hospital their injuries not believed to be serious a poll county mom is outraged over a violent incident caught on tape at her son's school Lauren spring field of Lakeland took to Facebook this week after her son was beaten by a classmate in the locker room at Blake academy video shows her twelve year old son who has a kidney problem being need in the stomach thrown to the ground and repeatedly punched Springfield rights it's inexcusable there was no adult supervision she wants to know what steps the schools taking to protect her son some criminals have no shame in Ellis county man with limited mobility is dealing with what he calls a devastating loss Amos Kennedy of Clearwater had is E. scooter stolen from his porch on Labor Day weekend the sixty three year old can't walk far uses a cane the scooter gives them the means to go to the grocery store and laundry mat he says he feels even more disabled than he already was hi Chris Franklin newsradio WFLA knowledge explores..

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