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Stay with us in the second half hour on this Wednesday morning. June third folks and We are trying to address various aspects of this a national tragedy of the story that started in Minneapolis We could go Monday with the death of George Floyd was He died after having his having a police officer neal on his neck for nearly nine minutes and three other officers were standing around, and not intervening in this and obviously folks. No, there has been an outburst of anger. and sadness and demonstrations and protests around the country since the those events. Occurred in Minneapolis and yesterday, we had on the program Curtis. Reed Junior an African American man, who is the executive director of the Vermont partnership for fairness and diversity curtis done a lot of work with police departments in the state of Vermont to Try to help them. train officers to eradicate any racial bias that could occasionally shows up in in the work and Interestingly we had a a statement issued by the by the Vermont Association of Fleece of chiefs of Police, I should say on Association of Chiefs of Police, which represents local police departments around the state and Came out very strongly condemning the the incident in Minneapolis and talking about the need for a police officers to redouble their efforts to avoid these kinds of things, and also for the public in general and police officers, everyone just to try to treat each other with a little more respect than civility and kindness, and all those good things. The President of the Vermont Association of Chiefs of Police is George Markle. He's also the police chief in Virginia. And he joins us this morning on the day. Graham show here wd FM and am and the chief. Oh. Thanks very much for coming on our air. Good Morning. Good morning and I saw your statement, and I and I thought that it was very clear in direct in its condemnation of these acts of the by this officer show van of the of the Minneapolis police in the death of Georgia Floyd and We spoke earlier this morning and you were saying that One of the real one of the real. Painful things about this is just that that this kind of an incident tends to be smart. Your entire profession is that right? Absolutely I that's. That's an understatement. And tell us how that feels. I mean when you when you see video like this one. That was everybody was carrying out a Minneapolis last week. What do you what what goes through you? I just within my own department, I. Fairly comfortable speaking for everybody else. That I've talked to It was a matter of shock. It was a it was revolting and. Officers were outraged there was. There was. There's no really there's no real word that can. Portray how he felt about that that was. That was horrendous that that's. We deal with all kinds of things in the course of our duties. And violence Is a terrible part of it. We've scars on. Everybody involved both the victim and and the officer that is responding to it and whatever else. When it comes from one of our own officers that's. That's terrible. Yeah, and and I have to ask you, too about And I want to get in a little bit of this specifics of police training in how to respond to something like this. You're in a group of officers you're. You're one four at the scene of you know what turns out here to a a very petty crime I mean the passing of counterfeit. Twenty dollar bill. I think is what they were accusing Mister, floyd and and So you have A. You have four officers on the scene. In one of them. I mean I I can sort of imagine one somebody. One person just really lose his cool You know very individualized basis especially having you know what amounts to temper tantrum and and starting to do something that is a very dangerous you know obviously kneeling on somebody's neck is is is a very dangerous thing. The thing the the part of the equation. I cannot get to frankly is how the other guys don't pull them off. What we what are the when they're? I can't answer that I can't tell you what happened. I can just tell you that. there. Everybody Watch that video I mean whether you'd be civilian and police. has asked the same question. How can you stand there and let that happen? And and I can't speak for. Those people out there I can just tell you that the. Mealy on the man's neck is not an accepted practice never should have happened, and the other officers should have intervened. there's there's no excuse for that I and again. I There's no explanation for that. There is absolutely none. And one thing I want to make it clear. When I said one of our officers that that individual is not one of our officers. Vermont officers. That's not from. That may happen somewhere else, but I want to get that. When I said that is not one of our officers. that the practice that that's not a practice it's that's just not an accepted. Way of controlling person. You don't do that that that's that's. Lethal consequences as we saw. And And why these officers didn't intervene, I can't answer for them, but I can tell you. They should have absolutely and I speak from my department that if anybody ever did do that, which I, I can't believe that whatever happened I don't believe that would ever happen. I can tell you that somebody. Would be grabbing officer Yanking them off, it'd probably put them in the cruiser interminable back to the office, and then we would address out after the situation was dealt with, but that is not. That as you can see the as Astra's consequences. There's no excuse for that. Yeah, and and I I'll tell you I. It's the much more normal behavior from everything. I know and I'll tell you a little story about It's like sort of. One one police officer was going off, frankly in the and his colleagues grabbed him restrained I was a reporter for a while down in Massachusetts early in my career was actually. Please please court reporter. There was an incident where. A. Young man was accused of raping the daughter of a police officer and He ended up being arrested and brought down to this station and when. Herve the victim's father who's also a senior police officer in this department heard that This man was there. He was getting ready to basically. Go. Probably commit violence on them, frankly, and and the other officers on senior basically put them in a chair and held him there and we'll. Have to you know I will tell you. Rape is a heinous crime. And there isn't a person that. I know of that if they're heart was raped. they would have some very adverse reaction to that I'm not making a game for that, but in that case where? those officers intervened and grab that officer and restrained more or or put them in a chair. They did the right thing They absolutely did the right thing. Yeah, and and and I. I really have to believe that they did the normal thing in a circumstance like that You know well. It's not a day in and day out..

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