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Episode one hundred thirty one ebb holding you back read probably is holding you back right we're GONNA be talking about that diving into that subject to this is coming up in my own journey and experienced lately and I wanted to share this with you some of the things that I think about when I feel that I'm not moving forward fast enough and I feel that something's holding me back doc there's a high probability I don't know you on your journey I don't know what goals are dreams you have for yourself but I can say almost ninety nine percent of the time let's go seven hundred that it's guilt probably has plays some part in that right some degree of guilt is keeping you from having what you want so we're going to talk about this in a share some of the things that I think about hopefully help you on your journey and help you remove some of those guilt 'cause guild is just a big it's a big false illusion right that keeps us from having what we want before we get into that let me just take care of a little bit of housekeeping here one I hope you're enjoying the a world of creativity series with my co host Mark Steyn and I I am learning so much if you're a businessperson and entrepreneur you WanNa know more about how to have better ideas how to cultivate ideas how to remove the blocks that keep you from from having ideas right how to be an idea generator definitely tune into the series we're talking with creative people from all over the world fascinating people these are advertising people these are business people these are operators as one of our recent guests was creating businesses putting all the pieces together the building blocks of businesses absolutely fascinating. I definitely recommend check out that series if you don't have time at least check out the one minute clips that I post on my instagram at G. Mark Phillips or Instagram or excuse me facebook aggie Mark Phillips Fan I pull out what I feel is a really great nugget one or two minutes of each episode if we have a couple of guests I pol too and I share damn on those platforms I also try to pull out the nuggets or the meat of that episode and put it in the show notes that G Mark Phillips Dot Com so maybe you could start there and say hey I want to dive deeper and listen to the episode solid gold I really cannot recommend it highly enough I've learned so much about generating ID he is and while we're on that topic why is that important right will it's important because real well is the crime is the murder aging of ideas and energy this is what we get from Buckminster Fuller something I think about all the time ideas are everything when you apply the energy that flows through you too that idea you can create real wealth right that's how it's created that's how it's done everything is an idea before it comes into the physical world so that's why ideas super valuable that's why this series is absolutely phenomenal we've got a few more episodes left and then we'll be working on putting the book together were really excited for that so stick around stay tuned subscribe on any of your favorite podcasts players and go back and check out those prior episodes and look for that book coming coming down the line after we in the series probably within a month or so we're looking at kind of wrapping it up we have all of them in the bank were just waiting to publish them out on our weekly basis here the other thing I wanna WanNa remind you of if you haven't picked up being is your superpower at just book Dot Com go pick that up dat is is a pdf you can download and it gives you links to successful people millionaires again airs you know people who have great relationships great success in multiple areas of their life health wealth and success all of that it gives you links to hear them tell the the story of how they reinvented themselves and how they changed who they were to attract what they wanted. There's stories of people attracting lovers right wives or husbands their story of people attracting wealth and success there are there are people attracting entrepreneurial success right business success absolutely phenomenal you know because I am so sold on the idea that what we are comes to us and when we change and who we are we change what we do and we change what we attract I'm always on the lookout for people sharing their experience with that and I captured that whether it's a podcast or a blog post or just as just a simple quote right there's a quote from Gary Keller he has it on the front of his book millionaire Real Estate Agent the goal isn't about the money he said the goal is being the best you can be right lots of people have talked about this philosophers business people throughout history that what you are comes to you right you can change what you are you can reinvent yourself at any point in life it's fat absolutely fascinating I could go on and on about this topic because I know how valuable it is and I know if you're going to change one thing in the world you're going to change yourself concept in yourself image because stats then get a cascade into everything that you do in life that's why I'm so excited about this so back to my story about this this document this being superpower which I'm in the works to turning that into an actual print book that I can you know put out there but right now it's a pdf form at just be book Dot Com free to download go and get it and it has live links in there so you go right to the podcast or the video and I've even given you the time to jump to so you don't have to waste time watching the whole thing some of these are an hour long but the link takes you to the video where this person tells you the story of how they reinvented themselves how they made a decision to be a different person and in order to attract something different right absolutely phenomenal people like rob deer Dak who is a multi millionaire entertainment genius right he runs fantasy factory well he doesn't ruin it he created and is a part of fantasy factory ridiculousness he's formerly from big and Rob Robin big I was get that mixed up that was the MTV show back in the I guess it would have been early two thousands mid-2000s ish but he's has had a a lot of phenomenal success. us in entertainment industry and other businesses right. He's an entrepreneur in multiple different types of businesses but on an episode of Ed my let show maximum Out Rob tells the story about how he made a conscious decision to change who he was in order to attract his now wife right he he'd know her for that time but when he changed what he was being he attracted an amazing relationship you're attracted this woman into his life's not stories on there David Geoghegan's I know you know David Goggin 's probably currently one of the if not the most inspirational transformation stories out there in the world absolutely phenomenal his life was not hat his life was not cool he was not cool with where he was in life hated every day going to work hated who he was what he was right he was out of shape not getting what he wanted in life and he made a radical transformation that guy is phenomenal if you're looking for any type of inspiration to change your own life and and who doesn't want better experiences right the name of the game is transformation and that's why I put together all of these these people telling their own story no one can tell their story better than them and so that's what that is again I'm super excited about it go pick it up at be a book dot Com you will not be disappointed you would just won't be disappointed it's phenomenal so that's the with that out of the way let's dive into this Hi Dea that is guilt holding you back from realizing what you want in business or in life now like I said high probability that probably is playing a part right what degree I don't know the reason that it's probably playing a part is because guilt and shame is at the root of virtually every negative or let's not use the word negative lets say less desirable experience or let me let me say it another way guilt and shame is at the root of US holding ourselves back right keeping us for moving as fast as we could move to our goals and dreams let's put it that way because you're gonNA you're gonNA move there anyway right and let's break Dan how we move there first before we talk about the guilt and shame aspect and I share a couple of thought tools that I use in order to dissolve guilt and shame we've talked about on prior episodes of the podcast but let's talk about how this happens urine infinite spiritual being we know that your spiritual being having a human experience flowing through you is the God force right is the creative energy that has the ability to create anything you wanted to write anything that it wants to write it has that ability but it can't do it alone you have to help it and hey you help it is by focusing on what you want thinking about what you want right we think things into being we think things into our into our experiences because our thought energy goes out right thoughts become things they're subtle vibrations in this energetic soup that we live in their subtle vibrations that go out and matchup and then attract experiences that match that thought and so that's how you bring things into B gene and so if we look at guilt how guilt plays a part in that guilt dampens down that force it I look at it as putting the brakes on on because you have that infinite force infinite ability to create within you that's always flowing through you we all have that and this is the name force by the way to put this in another perspective that puncture blood that regulates body temperature that regulates the probably million is or billions of little biochemical situations in your body little biochemical reactions and things that are going on I I don't know how to do those things I have no idea how to do those things I don't know how to move my own to put my own blood or to inhale right but that life force knows and lifeforce takes care of all those things on a subtle on a subtle level beneath our level of consciousness right that's the creative force that is flowing through you but we can you introduce thoughts of guilt into the equation like Oh you know my parents didn't have this I feel guilty for even wanting it or I feel guilty if I even have it can you imagine if you had something imagine the guilt that you would have if you had a little guilt when you felt like you just wanted it right I mean this is these are the breaks that hold us back from creating way better experiences than we currently have or from rating our goals and dreams because remember the force of flows through US creates the goal or dream right we're not doing it but we can hold it back bye bye goosing this guilt in so the guilt puts the brakes on right and it makes it a lot harder than it needs to be so my one of my favorite ways combat guild and this is what I'm going to share with you in this episode here is simply remembering the urine infinite spiritual being right your special human beings are special because we have the ability to create we are meant to create where really meant to create were not here come and just coexist and exist on a rudimentary level right were meant to evolve and we have a part to play in the evolution of humanity and the evolution of the world in evolution of the universe when we don't allow ourselves to create fully without any breaks on were doing a disservice to everything right when when we're not doing our part were slowing down the evolution of humanity were slowing down the evolution of everything so in a sense there's a large responsibility that we all play in removing guilt and shame from our consciousness so that we can gate clear right and we're not slowing down or hindering the process because the process you know we're part of the process the creation and evolution and expansion and growth is part of the is the process right that's the game and we're special not because you know I don't mean that in like the sense of you know where special and you know in a in a negative or condescending way we're special because we the ability to choose how it's going to evolve and how fast it's going to evolve and by how fast it evolves removing that guilt shame speeds up the process so that's awesome level to remove those barriers those breaks from the process right you haven't kind of have a big responsibility because look at it this way Asia and other animals and other living things in on earth don't have.

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