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How long will it take for the economy to recover. How many of them have remained the job throughout this going to be public transportation. Nobody knows you have received six hundred billion pounds in the uk but we can promise the most complete information and the most detailed analysis. The question is what kind of recovery will be do. Every twist and turn which he'd be wary of investment china at point bloomberg radio the bloomberg business app and bloombergradio dot com bloomberg. The world is listening. Forty four hours a day and bloomberg dot com the for business app and bloomberg tate. This is bloomberg radio. This is bloomberg daybreak. Here for this wednesday the twenty fourth of february inlands at coming up this hour went of confidence. Powell's verdict on rising bond yields the fed chair face down concerns ever inflation ten year treasury yields. Hold around a one year. High zeneca is cutting deliveries of its vaccine to europe in half in the second quarter. Angela merkel border third wave of the pandemic in germany. The government pledges seven hundred million pounds to help students in the uk can't shop. After covert and tiger woods suffers a leg injury software car accident in california. I'm the and guarantees with world. News aren't gender. Pay gap reporting in. Britain is delayed by six months despite concerns about the impact of the pandemic women. We speak to the head of equalities human rights commission..

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