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It's him I like going out. I think it's is kind of crazy the extent of just where Lena is She is just completely broken down she's angry. She's she wants to control emotion of humans. Like that's that's some psycho stuff you know. Jimmy's officially gone now. So what's going to happen you know. Yeah Lena's going full-on on Fallen Evil Man. She's you know she has her her What what's the word? I'm looking for her noble intentions. She doesn't want people to lie in hurt each other anymore. Because I mean that's that's human nature when you get to the point where you wanna just completely alter like human nature free will like you've crossed into like super ability ability. Yeah and and exact exactly. That's the thing there you know alter free. Will you know when you say a human nature you know people are going to fight in an unfortunately kill There are bad choices. Voices that people make their bad people in their bad choices that people make and she wants to eliminate the the choice Tom You don't you don't have to be that way you don't have to make those choices You know I've never. Yeah I've never chose to you know I've never chose to kill my fellow man rutten and fights and stuff before but also I've I'm not it one to initiate fights. You know what I mean. They're at That is a last resort when it comes to that so I mean I have. We have the choice to be bad people. Yeah but we don't you know that's that is what makes us us mean the choices that we make is what gives us the ability to be good or not. She's basically trying to. She's basically trying to create the anti life equation through inception means means you now. That is a really good the idea. That's one thing I'm that's one thing I'm hoping for you know. Just just actually talking about talking it out right now. That's one thing I maybe. We hope for in the next season of supergirl or something. This this idea of eliminating free will The anti life equation quesion. Perhaps we will get some Granny goodness and female fury's to go up against supergirl next season. Dude Dude. That's okay so that's what I originally thought when they were bringing in The old Leviathan Lady. She she might have been a granny or something Oh this granny no. She was Leviathan. I'm okay and I do like that. In this episode we actually get some reference to Leviathan again you know and it's just so weird because they're bringing Leviathan in two supergirl. which is I mean? It's brand new. In the commerce clause was Leviathan issue. Six isn't even out yet unless I missed it somehow but I'm pretty sure now that that was not out yet that would have blown up everything on my You know my accounts and everything about who is Leviathan. Because it hasn't been revealed yet so it's not even over like event Leviathan isn't even over and it was just starting when supergirl went on break. So here we are. They're already doing this so I'm just kind of like it's kind of a big deal. You know yeah In might I say like I have to say that. Event Leviathan has been written fairly elite. Good for having five issues of people standing around and asking the question who's Leviathan. Are you Leviathan. No you're not Leviathan. Whose Leviathan so? It's been fairly well written for having five issues of people asking the same question and nothing happening. Yeah I mean. They attacked Jason Todd because they thought he was Leviathan. which I thought was crap because I thought that was just too easy of a target? Forget like I don't like the new Red Hood. I'm sorry I know. His name's the Red Hood. I preferred Morris the red helmet. I don't like this very the mortal Kombat looking Red Hood thing like I feel like sub zero call to needs his mass SPEC. So getting back you know. There's some stuffing. He does pretty dumb when like they're investigating. Andreas Room and William gets on the computer. And I'm just like like that's that's easy to do right. There Hackett Hacker Tech Geniuses. Computer Dirk. Yeah that was my first indications like maybe Williams not straight about some stuff but well this episode you know he kinda it Kinda goes where he is. He's doing this investigation all on his own. This isn't like this isn't a journalist thing Like this is personal. His his buddy who we find out it ends up being rip. You're right Tom Price to you like not after no show they show the guy and then they show rip roar even though he's like I thank What's his name Ray on DC TV. He put it perfect like He. Looks like Robocop doc exactly or like old version of cyclops so But you could tell I mean as soon as you saw like the lower half of his face you saw his mouth and everything I was like that's GonNa be. That's GonNa be his buddy okay first of all Jean junior genius. And I've had this discussion a lot like if I was a masked hero and unless I'm wearing a full on lake mass like Spiderman or something she going to know it's me okay. It's like green lantern. You don't think I could see I could recognize you just because it can't see your cheekbones. You know so why is going to be like tyler. What are you doing okay? So I'm saving Columbus Man. What do you mean what am I doing? So let's assist that out there so yeah for him. This is his best pal like a is best powders come walking out and be like who are you. What are you doing here I just be like? Why are you were in a costume? Like you know like I have friends. We've dressed up and done dumb stuff. Okay I knew it was them you know. Well I mean. He walked into his buddy's house. That door was cracked open. Maybe the maybe it was busted off the the the latch And then his apartment was a disaster. You know he probably knows that his buddy doesn't keep an apartment like that so he would think that something happened. Something went wrong and then you see some guy in a crazy costume come out. Maybe you're I you know maybe your first thing would be like. Hey Dude what are you doing like but yeah okay. I'll I'll let it slide James. Okay I'll let it slide but still I'm just like man like it. Just sucks is his friend and Abbas almost would have preferred more of actually being another character. Who's being controlled by Leviathan? Mind you like that's an interesting thing. was in maybe Levite Ooh your thought of because I don't know why didn't put this together and I feel stupid but leading the Leviathan takes out a spiral. Dao Argus Yeah the majority of the organisers intelligence and espionage organizations around the world so they could take out the. Do in this and that's what could get us away from the Leviathan takes over wipes is it out right. That's a possibility. Yeah could be away. That they're that they're going with it it would that would help to retool Retool supergirl Leviathan. Takes down the. do it would be cool. Yeah I don't have any idea like what more but I don't need any more. Well we don't know much we don't know much about anything of Leviathan from the comics. And then we I know even less about Leviathan In the show but here in the show they they may pat eve the entire time so even back through her lex luther days They had eve They have Andrea row house. Yes yes Andrea Row Haas In in her family perhaps her attack you know they have to be involved in obsidian north. virtual reality The overtake of the world. Yeah I mean if you have plugged into virtual thing about it I can see everyone's going to be on obsidian north virtual reality and then That's when Lena's going to to her. Qa thing yeah yeah so the curious thing everybody through obsidian north right. Yeah we so there. There's a connection between little Lina but if Andrea is part of Leviathan Leviathan. Sent report to. So what he does in this is he breaks into A military base to Lexus Vault and steals one of Lexus cannons and then he breaks into another place and he steals Some kind of fusion generator or something. And by combining the two it creates a cannon that can fire a blast that's one hundred times hotter than the center of the Sun and he goes as rip roar he goes goes to an Antarctic research. Base located over the largest subterranean lenient lake in the world and uses the Cannon and fires it into that lake and boils the lake creates rates A huge geyser spewing out billions of gallons of water every second and creates a tidal wave that is heading towards the entire west coast of the country. But what is Leviathans goal here by I. What are they doing trying to eliminate half the population on the planet with this with this move of the of creating a flood and destroying and melting Antarctica? Right like but what but also like I mean. Obviously a situation like this they would. They would have many many balls in the air they would have a lot of goals Many outlets to achieve different goals and obsidian North Andrea row house. Being being one of them but also you know that elimination of of part of the population. So there's a they have a lot of different goals but some of them seem counteractive to to another coming from this episode so we don't know much about them but what are they trying to do. Exactly it's what is their goals. Because I mean do they have any clear goals not yet. I mean they have control of Andrea Row Haas. And she's she's got obsidian which is going to connect the world over They 'cause they mentioned that it's GonNa accomplish what Lex Luther did it or cutting so so is that them. Did they have a connection to Lex or is that just you know keeping tabs on lex right you know I would think more of keeping tabs on what Lex is doing because Lex isn't quite the follower I don't think he'd I don't think he joined Leviathan without a plan to rise to the top. That that's the LEX Luther. I know exactly lex. Luther doesn't join any team Legion of doom. What have view without either being the leader or having a away to rise to the top agreed so it makes me wonder more about how much he knew what he knew? Did he leave any kind of message. Message for Lita about Leviathan in the Journal. He saw how he codes things. So yeah yeah but all right. What else happened in this episode? Anything else exciting. Let's see the one thing I'm not chair life. You have a tidal wave. That's the one thing I'm not sure of like a tidal wave that supposed to smash the entire west coast of the country it was like coastal because the way they talked it sound like it was going to be like east coast in west coast or like Japan Lee everything coastal you know and I was like okay. Okay yeah they said that. The the impending flood from the geyser from the ocean would flood would start flooding coastal cities within twelve minutes. That's how much water was coming out. But then some dot com..

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