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Police in Louisville Kentucky say fires were set and windows were broken after a march and memory of Brianna Taylor. Hundreds of people gathered for a fourth night following a grand jury decision not to charge the police officers involved in Taylor's death her family is calling all police body cam footage and transcripts from the grand jury proceedings to be released unrest in Rochester New York leads to. New Leadership at the Police Department Cynthia. Harriet Sullivan takes charge of Rochester police to bring what Mayor Lovely Warren says will be a fresh approach to law enforcement Harry Sullivan at one time investigated in custody deaths for the department she says leading it means there's much to do reevaluate policies get to know the staff look at the organizational structure Harriet Sullivan replaces Laurent Single Terry. Signed but was asked to leave sooner after facts about Daniel, prudes, death came to light prou died days after Rochester cops put a spit hood on his head and held him face down on pavement back in March Grenell Scott Fox News. It's business as usual in Florida where Governor Rhonda Santa's signed an order paving the way for bars and restaurants to fully reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic governor's executive order. Now allow that businesses including restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to operate at full capacity with limited social distancing restriction and the governor's order also restricted at least twenty five counties with math mandates from imposing fines on people who violate local corona virus mitigation efforts. Says Charles. In Miami Dade County, the mayor says he intends to keep some restrictions in place like fifty percent capacity at restaurants Pam. Fox News. Blinds. Dot Com makes it easy to custom window treatments that will give your home a high end look without the high end price good obliged dot com. Now to take advantage of this week, special savings, pawn interior blinds, shades, shudders, and even outdoor shades, roles and restrictions may apply. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network broadcasting live twenty percent of my news. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by. Follow on facebook twitter and instagram. Welcome into tomorrow with Dave, grave line the interactive radio. Network. program. With the latest in high tech products and services and the experts who bring them to you this is into tomorrow. This is into tomorrow on radio the original social media for the weekend of Friday September twenty. Fifth, Twenty Twenty our twenty fifth year on the air coming to you this hour from the decks Gov. G. Six studios make knowledge your superpower for managing type. One diabetes visit decks. com. Dot Com that's DAX COM dot com I am Dave Grave Line I. AM Chris Grave Line. Yes indeed. Along with others on our team working from their homes, lots of social distancing going on horatio in New York. That's pretty far away from our Miami Studios Erasmo on South Beach Kim and Coconut Creek Beth in Naples Danny in pined you get the idea where spread out to bring you further into tomorrow and we're doing just that this week IFA part three highlights if you missed any. Of the last two weeks all three hours of the broadcast. Yes. Three hours your local station might only carry two of our hours. We understand programming concerns and conflicts and whatnot, but you can subscribe for free unlike he's these other tech shows that want to make you pay for their podcast. That's absurd. We're on radio radio is free for you. So you can get our podcast for free and be sure and get all three hours every week. So you don't miss a minute of anything, but especially, these three weeks worth of coverage from. And even though we are now officially and fall, there's something still going on from the summer my pneumonia. That to. A hospital finally and we both dealt with covert and that's not going on anymore. But the leftover pneumonia for me is still going on but I don't think that's what you meant not bow. But as a result of all that pneumonia and hospitalization and cove, we're still doing the big. Cool into tomorrow summer giveaway in the fall in the fall. That's true. Because Summers over last I heard although you can't tell here in Miami, it's always summer but that's right summer ended the other day last week, right? Yeah. This past week. Yeah. Let's say in just a few minutes. We'll tell you some of the stuff you can win very good but meantime some tech, news and commentary, and then we take your calls today a couple of your calls as well as mixing in some of our E for part three highlights from Berlin via our Miami Studios. Virtually. Confused me on everybody out. That's a big. President Trump said last weekend that he gave tick talks, deal his blessing and conceptually approved the agreement which would see tick tock partner with Oracle and Walmart. But now there's an odd mix. If there ever was what I thought Microsoft and Walmart was going to be an odd mix. But nope, oracle now and Walmart to become a US company spun off from owner Bite Dance. It resolves a months long confrontation between a at popularized by lip synching teens and White House officials who viewed the service as a national security risk but. China's bike dance said that it would retain control of video sharing application tiktok under this proposed deal for Oracle and Walmart to operate in American subsidiary. Really. So that doesn't that Kinda defeat the whole purpose of. Getting it away from China but China says, no, no, no no we're going to keep keep control. Just. Delete TIKTOK. There's so many other options for you to have some fun with goofy stuff is to lead all social media well, then that would be antisocial media, which is what it is. You've been practicing all your life for this I have social distancing what Chris just aspires to do. So.

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