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And Roberta good morning. Good morning everyone the best players in major league baseball gathered in Washington DC for. The eighty nine th annual all star game which will take. Place tonight at nationals park, the, Boston Red. Sox Chris sale we'll get to start for the American, League this evening while former tiger and current Washington National max Scherzer will get to start for the Nationally I've always thri I've. Always loved pitching. In these events because can you can you can take something. From it because you can use it later and later in the. Year first. Pitch, will take place. This evening. At eight last. Night the nationals Bryce Harper wins the homerun derby he had to come back though to defeat the Kyle through the cubs Kyle Schwarzer in bonus time unbelievable you know I think, just having. The crowd out there really thriving off them and on the best fans in all baseball and do that my family out there as well That's an incredible moment not only for me but you know this organization nationals fans and. Very blessing humbled by Harper was down eighteen the nine heading into the final round before smashing home runs on nine of the next ten pitches he, saw to send the homerun. Derby into that bonus, round the. City of Detroit won't be hosting a men's final four in the near future after NCWA official selected Houston Phoenix San Antonio and Indianapolis to host future. Final four is beginning in two. Thousand twenty three. There are unconfirmed reports this morning that a lack of hotel space may have contributed to Detroit being passed over by NCWA ads. Expected officials in Michigan state, of named Bill Beekman is the schools new athletic director yesterday. Beekman it, served as the Spartans interim athletic. Director since February when he replaced Marcos who retired in late January the, agent for Steelers running back. Leon. Bell says, that after his client failed to get a long term contract from team officials before yesterday's deadline that this will be the last year bell will play in Pittsburgh The former Michigan state Spartan was franchise tag by the. Steelers earlier this year which means that bell who ran for twelve hundred ninety one yards and nine touchdowns last year will earn fourteen and a half, million dollars for the upcoming..

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