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Keel over but there they can revive but and if they're very slow yeah they're very similar down yeah yep so anyway let's figure out how to kill all the iguanas your Maryland Tom rushes down morning buddy rather her you well you have been better yeah yeah anyway when you recall back on conditions morning out with just gone and they handed to me in the box all ripped off all money morning sometimes when they get older box worth as much if not more guns are no question no question about it and when their reaction was although I was not yeah we were using well it it was a big box it was pride was it was a how old was the clerk our early twenties there you go yeah there you go your son yeah yeah say again I have a good weekend good thought Hey good talking you man I'm sorry about the injury hope you feel better give all of it so he he yeah they indeed hi Hey look I had I've had I've had both shoulders done you know you'll be okay new here yeah Sparky Sparky has all of his bark is almost back to normal she's only lost forty five percent I can't do our job anymore but I think you'll be alright your your young you'll just no question I'm gonna try I know you will thank you bye bye areas a little little down mouth about the shoulder injury and I understand so let's talk about bears already mentioned at the bare lotteries open till August thirty first let's open now open fifteenth go online fifteen dollar lottery application fee non refundable finally got a bear stamp looks like a bear Rebecca later with Hastings Minnesota won the twenty third annual Meryl black for conservation design contest there's the titles explore I was on last year's I was actually part of that committee that picked last year's bear stance it's interesting process on the stamp selection thing then I watched them pick the duck stamp which is pretty cool how they do that anyway so we talked about it and there is a guide for hunting black bears in Maryland twenty nineteen hunting season will be open for five days October twenty first the twenty fifth the quota system is no longer used to manage the hunt hunters will not be required to call hot line every evening to determine the status of the hot black bear hunting zone is Allegheny Frederick Garrett in Washington counties all four counties are open some permit tease may hunt black bears regardless of whether the permit to use actively hunting as in previous seasons the only only one black bear may be harvested by a permit he sub permitting hunting team permit TV's and sub permit TV's are not required to maintain visual contact with one another while hunting black bears as it used to be hunters are reminded that a permit to use a permitted teams of hunters may kill only one black bear responsibility the hunting team to maintain some form of communication to ensure that only one there is taken that is why we have cell phones but here's another story about a bear in Italy for strangers in Italy this is from this is by Paul de Dios she's or Paulina the Dodge she's a writer reporter for foxnews for strangers in Italy are on the hunt for a genius brown bear they're reportedly escape captivity by scaling three electric fences and a thirteen foot barrier the province of Trento press office released an image of the fugitive bear Doug M. forty nine by officials on Wednesday that indicated the annals last seen on the slopes of the Mars ola mountain the previous night at ten fifty four officials say the bear was caught on a camera trap a trail camera in an area not far from where it was seen early Tuesday morning M. forty nine was captured last Sunday by but several hours later the bear was able to by pass three electric fences in a thirteen foot bear unharmed twenty as governor Mari Mar easy Fugazi marine zero four godi hook gaudy gave Rangers the authority to kill the animal if given the chance as its ability climb over seven thousand volt fence shows how dangerous the bay area I wonder if them forty nine approaches the areas inhabited force are allowed to shoot it down translation of Fugazi's comments read the fact that the bear managed to by pass electrified seven wire seven thousand volts fence certified by the ministry and by its sprawl demonstrates the fact that these specimens were dangerous and there was a public safety problem that justified the order of capture seven thousand volts that bear can go anywhere anyway once you yep Kim wide berth orders to kill a bear sparked anger amongst animal rights advocates to criticize the government over faulty fencing as the reason the bear was able to display this cake W. W. F. Italy probably world wildlife fund in rights activist suggested coyly that the fence was likely not working properly since bears do not fly Coley I think it's bigger but you know Hey Luigi you turn them gone Bulma mommy you know that there was in there last night Luigi you were watching the friends mama me Italy's league for the abolition of hunting they have a league for the abolition of hunting commented the bear's escape efforts they commended the bear's escape efforts thank god he's out no that's not exactly what they said they said they called escape the brown bear out rather large looking fellow brown bear in European Remington Russian brother whatever kind of Robert Shrum there's a damn big bear it like you know chrisley size only larger you know yeah they call him an escape genius gifted with super powers akin to a hero in Marvel Comics which one later man the hulk which Marvel comic book hero would a brown bear probably a thousand pound animal what what which hero who would that be a kid into I have no idea I didn't really do you want a Marvel guy now okay yeah yeah spider man's latest rage I guess the Avengers and though the wave sometimes inspire man then it's the group of them the yeah the jet will they call justice league or something something like that I can't remain in exile act singular character in and it's just yeah don't know baby Wolverine is that it is out of Marvel Comics character either that or do you see a twenty that maybe he sprouted clause like Wolverine there you go slash through those those electric lines remain yeah one great throat it's an animal how I got through seven thousand bolt fans who knows thirteen foot barrier for brown bear nothing that stands ten feet high probably not much not much of a chance I watched I want to wait till Bach mature whitetail Buck in West Virginia down at think of it name valley state park okay okay golf course there big hyphen I watch a mature whitetail Buck from a standing start within three feet of the fence just up over an eight foot fence like it was nothing and even there yeah you know I'm not sure the brown bear probably jump that I would imagine if it's thirteen foot fence you know he he probably he probably watch like Starsky and Hutch when you're chasing a guide hit the chain link fence yeah hi into criminals able to escape and the cop never is yeah exactly you know I can't figure that out yeah that they're probably just put one Paul on top of wall this call himself up boom hi exactly email eligibility cell doors dot com just be forced land club members tell your officers there is a meeting July twenty fifth at the link would volunteer fire department in link would Maryland and that is for club members club officers two of them there's a group called the Chesapeake forced alliance going to meet to consider solutions to your issue and here's the issue about half the Chesapeake force lance half Republic kaffir leased by the state those leases will be abolished according to the plan it to some degree next February if you have a lease now this is your last hunting season on your lease because your lease will be canceled in February and not renewed nestled against some of these leases have been in effect for thirty forty fifty years all the leases of all these two hundred fifty hunting clubs hunt club let's remember one guy leases property okay who will be put into a bagel basket and up for lottery and they will only be leased for one two four five years show every year and they'll they'll be divided out so every year there will be a twenty percent turnover on the people who are occupying these leases that it is that makes sense in other words if you lease it for one year that's twenty percent of five years so every year that particular lease will turn over and then every two years that particularly soul turn around without you without the possibility of renewing the lease so the new people on that land every year or every two years or every five years now the clubs have been established some of them have you know thirty forty fifty members show more family someone have to members five members whatever might be their two hundred fifty separate groups that lease just pick force and it's great for the forestry industry it's great for the agriculture industry because the guys going there they they manage the the imminence of land they manage wildlife you know especially these bigger clubs long term leases they know what they're what they're doing they some of them were adopted you know quality deer management practices where they're you know they're bringing the the herd into balance some work with the farmers who have adjacent land you know farmers love it because you got people next to you shooting the deer that you know the guard damaging their crops and so forth Forster people like it because they have access through the clubs the clubs in general maintain the properties so that if there does come time for the timber to be harvesters are tumors allowed to be harvested authorized we harvested they have access to get in there they don't have access to the you know the becomes less desirable property to for the for lumber company Glenn and and you know and do their thing but you know there are people in lumber industry the agriculture industry and other interested folks conducting this meeting under the banner still speak for flights when USA well they would have just listen either a one six so July twenty fifth that's next Thursday link with volunteer fire department registration search five thirty so it's going to be.

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