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Uh that we can be doing um we have churches in our neighborhoods bought we're not necessarily tend to them definitely not as family definitely not using the church agricultrual off so if you're churches your schools and your bags are out of order um you can't expect to have any order he'll nearly and so this dovetails perfectly in into your moved to last revolutionary and you guys had the bronze lindh's film festival coming up so when you to tell people how they can getting information the film festival and also had and get tickets to it okay uh the laugh revolutionary which is our film is going to be showing all august twenty six at the blonde land film us will 1145 a absolutely great five get up in the morning have little breakfast coming to see a film where you can actually began to engage this conversation about with the path is four four latin america um now i believe you could buy tickets there at the uh it's going to be at the western peachtree hotel downtown atlanta but you can also come on line to the bronze lens film festival sites and right at the top it has a uh a little tag it said our festival and uh the dropdowns comes there that says screenings and films and then you are excuse me you go the tax get passes the drop then click on that and that takes you to the website where you can actually bypasses um and then you click in there and you can actually get your tickets for the movie.

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