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The charlotte's had a bunch of runs If you have charlotte wind. Who's next challenge her. I don't know if you have anybody available. So how think rehab because you can. Everybody saw the rogers had a fresh for her to fight next match here for me championship. Bobby lashley defends against kofi kingston. Go into the show before the the bill goldberg report. I would've said maybe there's a chance kofi wings wins. Maybe see biggie. When the money in the bank cash on kofi be really cool moment. But we know that's gonna happen now because appears bill goldberg's returning on monday and we get that long-awaited match. Dr trae has been clamoring for goldberg versus lashley. Somebody go bobby lashley to retain that match. You only be one if same. Mcmahon's the with bank as bobby lashley Butts yet this more like they're part of me that like with you. I'm like i could see kobe. Winning mainly because trying to give them a little bit of a of a payback brock. Leser thing but at the end of this i'm gonna take lashley is dominant champion and you got lashley gober on the horizon you'll lashley listener perhaps wrestlemainia so i just don't see the belt off body right now next match. Here is the match with the dodo. Universal championship roman reigns defense against edge. I'm gonna take roman reigns on this one. This actually to me was a bit harder to pick that. I thought it was going to be. Because i i kinda wanted to get them going different directions with this. I mean but if the pay if the big money match me seena at rains and summer slam that you gotta lean towards real races. Wwl for shoehorn a tidal into any match. And if they think you'll help make more money so title of the line. Seeing the rain summers slams that means rangers retains right now. And you never know. We're rains could drop it. Then when twenty four seven championship on friday. But that doesn't that edges recognized that bill that's true next match here for the The money in the bank ladder matches the women's match oscar. Naomi alexa bliss nikki ash. Live morgan zelina vega recently announced natalia and announce this evening the to meena with the eighth person is match. I'm gonna take alexa bliss. One in this one yeah are. Were you surprised. It wasn't sunny developed. I was there. Were like rumors out there that she was going to be involved in the match. I still think she might finagle her way into that injury angle or something like that since she's technically is on both brands But yeah i'm with you. I'm leaning alexa bliss as well alexa. Rea- would be interesting alexa. Yo lay mind gains in the but everybody else on the rosser. Either think it's too soon or just Pop the crowd so we'll go to alexa and then finally the men's money in the bank ladder match ricochet john morrison riddle. Drew mcintyre biggie. Kevin owens king nakimora and seth rollins I think the easy pick drew mcintyre the dark horse picks are biggie and riddle like i could see one of those winning and i went back and forth between riddle. Drew mcintyre and biggie Up until the show. And i'm going to go out on a limb here dr train. I'm gonna pick riddle to win in the bunny win the money in the bank ladder match. Because i think it'd be really entertaining seeing him all the suitcase the briefcase for the next couple of months. I mean you've already heard of multiple times. Say he wants to cash in on the raw tag new championship. I think that would be funny if they did some sort of angle where he tries to do that. And they're like no you can't like You can and i think there is something special ronin. Were little right now especially with the fans coming back somewhere to go with riddle to win this match. Yes in the riddle pick is great because you get randy. Who's kind of a yield sign. So you know his influence or riddle and how he catches in I was like it was drew. Big year riddle. I think i'll play contrarian something we all take big he Just because maybe big can cash in on bobby lashley summer slam if they can't get brock listener available all right so there you go. That is our money. In the bank preview an predictions we will obviously recap review. The show on next week's the week's edition of the podcast with celtic a couple plugs in sponsor the way down to the show every thursday at the barrel show dot com russell chat on twitter and the surreal to show itunes feed. Don't forget to review. And subscribe to elvis charts on itunes. You can follow us individually on twitter for myself at s. rtc jeff trang at the doctor trae and of course. Don't forget to follow the show on twitter at esotique podcast but that being said what is going on the wonderful world of dutcher frankland this week involving on twitter trades by an instagram and facebook doctrine franklin walk championship wrestling showed him knee saturday. headline by the owner of known. Three off jimmy. Cicero thirty year veteran of the risk wrestling industry. A great match. Check out But also check out your local wrestling youtube people that awol sign up. Elevate all right so there you go support all the great things that support the a relative shell and more importantly enjoy the weekend here. Obviously we had some fun with some of the current decisions to me making but this is a milestone weekend for for all of us as wrestling fans because this has been a long awaited homecoming. It's like the last thing that we have left waiting for is difficult to bring back and that happens tomorrow. Night on friday night smackdown. It's going to be a special weekend to be a special nine of smackdown special line on on sunday for money in the bank and a special night on monday. So it'll be it'll be nice it's Reunion for all of us to get back there and get back to some normal so we'll be back next week on july twenty second to recapture interview everything that took place this past weekend and of course. Wbz money in the bank and just enjoy the weekend folks enjoy. What's coming with everything going on with digital universe back in the sand so next week for dr dre franklin. I'm jeff pack. This is the start real show took..

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