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Spin and smashed from the beginning. Pick a video game. Character is not an nintendo character. Oh sonic All been in smash for very long time. Okay i've never heard of this game. Let's see. I don't know i'm running blank. Michael from grants evolve five. Maybe that's adams prediction. That grand theft auto five. I would go with master chief as my second prediction. If there's it's not crash from hugh yes you could have valid. You couldn't make vat one. Oh i'm so. Mario for smash bros guess she did. You know that super smash brothers is an intendo thing you you know. It's like all these different video came characters fighting each other. More of the premise. At least the worst gamer ever just give me a volley gares about fallout. It would be i. i hope. There's a game announced for the switch. Hope they at least fucking remastered three new vegas. I've said it before. But anyways vegas four or is that a different one no-fault for is different from new vegas. How many fallouts hard there some like irl my goodness. How many nukes are they like. Follow one throw another new. Here's the entire fucking planet dude. But anyway swore their hundreds hundreds thousands actually thousands in the lower of volunteers thousands but russia china will. Ussr china in us. All knew each other with other countries joining in india pakistan and Anyway it's a thing apple from yeah. We actually have more stuff to talk about. Our super long podcast. We'll be editing which this house so yeah so let me. Just go back on this mask thing now. So apple did their. W w that's less hurrying a calf. Forget about that. Realize something very important about apple thus. Be one watching this. Ww wdc which sounds like a wrestling term does worldwide developer conference so apple announced just basically a new they announced newburgh new features coming. Do iowa fifteen. And the mac and the nation about Like integration with all these different softwares of anyway. Oh yeah. I forgot to say that apple does have its own gaming ability but nobody cares about apple apple gaming the tissues. Tari wicks lint. Mobile gaming is aldus now. I realized something wanting ads this week for apple products. It used to be thinking about this earlier. It used to be that apple had like a philosophical inspirational approach to the way they market things right to light back in back in nineteen eighty four when they released the first apple computer. They had the commercial with the girl..

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