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Annotated New Testament has four main components. I the text of the New Testament itself using the new revised standard version translation second an introduction to the gospels and acts and onto the epistles and revelation third introductions to each of the books and extensive annotations to the text and finally there are over fifty essays says on topics including the historical and social context of the New Testament Jewish religious movements of the Second Temple period Jewish practices and beliefs beliefs the relationship between Jews and gentiles and Jewish responses to Jesus of Nazareth Paul of Tarsus and Mary the the mother of Jesus throughout the centuries the Jewish annotated New Testament as we'll discuss highlights the historical and religious context of the New Testament as has a set of Jewish texts that is to say texts written about Jews and in many cases by people who are themselves Jews knowledgeable in Jewish theological traditions and textual interpretation throughout history too many people have forgotten or consciously ignored that Jesus was a Jew as has we're all of his first followers or they've sought to instrumentalise this history for political purposes. There has been of course a great deal of serious scholarship up on the New Testament over the centuries but the new testament has also been at the center of sometimes violent debates between Jews and Christians to it represents a particularly interesting though sometimes problematic texts especially when we keep in mind that several passages have prompted dangerous anti Jewish stereotypes and narratives narratives at the heart of centuries of animosity at the same time one can point to the changing dynamics of Jewish Christian relations especially after the Holocaust in part through Christians as individuals and as church communities and communications trying to come to terms both with what the New Testament says about about Jews and how those texts have been interpreted in a certain way part of what I think is so interesting about the Jewish annotated New Testament is that it is very much a product of our time a synthesis of the newest academic scholarship first of all and it also represents the possibilities of Jewish Christian relations today with this history and context remind I think mark. Aj have done something remarkable to present the new testament in scholarly readable and accessible format format for Jews without any kind of aim of proselytizing indeed. They're both themselves jus. It's also a valuable resource for Christians and indeed for any readers who will want to better understand these texts and the historical and social context and especially for religious leaders who want to be able to better understand and teach about Judaism Jesus his followers and Christian origins in the first and early second centuries of the common era the annotations and essays distill generations of scholarship on the background and meaning of these texts their contexts and the reception and ramifications when necessary they confront those passages is that have been a source for anti Judaism and as a result the book prevents a useful resource for students scholars as well as teachers and religious leaders in situating the New Testament within its historical context the volume demonstrates how and why the New Testament matters in terms of our understanding thing of the development of Judaism in the first and second centuries and also why and how this context is critical in terms of comprehending the emergence merchants of early Christianity and the parting of the ways between Christianity and Judaism. If you enjoy this episode I hope they will share it with a friend you can find the show notes at a transcript of the episode at Jewish History Dot. FM Slash New Testament.

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