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In Orlando. I'm Peter King at Orlando international airport, where airport workers are helping out the federal workers who are going without paychecks. They've started a food drive here at this checking area just outside terminal. A there are a number of shopping carts and luggage carts that are already filled with everything from noodles and other non perishable foods to diapers and that sort of thing. Peter King CBS news at Orlando international airport. Sears may be off the funeral pyre chairman. Eddie lampert. Sweeten up his bid in a bankruptcy auction under this deal. Eddie Lampert says he will add more cash, you'll have more of the debt that he'll repay and he'll be able to do that by keeping the stores open bondholders are not so sure. And frankly, this point it looks like this is going to go forward right now. What has to happen is the deal the agreement for that five point two billion dollar infusion goes before a bankruptcy judge who must document and approve it that is expected to occur. Now, we just have to wait to see whether Sears can revive itself repay the debt and keep its doors open. It's Jill Schlesinger. Reporting more on the government shutdown coming up, your trusted source for news, traffic, and weather all day, only on NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. You've probably heard a lot of manage IT providers. Say you worry about your business, and let us worry about your IT. But honestly, that's setting the bar little low in my opinion. I'm buck Jones, founder and CEO of Pegasus technology solutions.

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