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There's no one to call except your inner strength and your own relationship with yourself and your abilities. Yeah, that's such an interesting frame, right? Because if you think about probably the most intrinsically rewarding moments of life are also the moments where we are most present in what we're doing, and then you think about what you just described, you know, when you step in the water, you have to be there. It's not about because if you're not, you're going to get tossed around. And you may end up in a bad place. But as soon as you step out of that environment, into the car with the protection to life with the protection, we can basically pay to buy enough protection to not have to be present in almost every other part of our lives. And you wonder, on one hand, what are we actually buying ourselves into and out of? I completely agree with that. Even having a phone conversation, you're checking email, checking Twitter and checking Instagram. We are constantly padded if the phone conversation is boring. We have all these other means to entertain ourselves, but in the ocean, again, that really goes out the window. And it's that it's that safety net coming loose from you that I find so liberating. And I think that's another reason why when you're surfing or when you're swimming, or body surfing, freedom, or whatever, you are in that exact moment. You're not thinking when you're on a wave, maybe when you're waiting for ways for a half an hour, you think about work and all that. I've come up with my best ideas and those situations, but when you're actually on a wave, when you're within this activity, you are locked in to that microsecond of a moment, the entire way. And I think that that absolute focus and presence, at least in my life, and a lot of other people I know is really lacking. We're not going out and hunting for our food now. We have to be locked into that moment. When is the right time to or at least a lot of people aren't hunting their food. But I think that this is something that allowed humans to evolve is to have pure and utter focus on a moment. And so much as society now is built on not having that focus. No, so agree with that. For a long time mountain biking was my jam and my adult life. And there was a time where I actually, I rode from Grand Junction, Colorado, to Moab, Utah, on the cocoa peli trail, which is this at least the way that I did it was a really, there's only one direction that you go in the entire time. You're on the edge of falling off into the abyss. And it was grueling and psychologically taxing it physically, taxing, and one of the most incredible experiences in my life simply because.

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