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Black. and if it's amazing that that what black when able to do, and that's will Smith, said that an interview one time like. At the Africans especially look at black Americans like how the fuck did you do that? which is great, but it's it's imagine what you could do without at. That's the the trap is that I'm being condescending to black people, but it's more like A. I. How do you go about? Helping a group. And not seem like you've. Its charity, do you know what I mean? I don't think it is, but I understand the appearance and I don't see how you get rid of that well, also I take issue with is the fact that how because? My family background is from A. Is Not African American I mean it's a if not that far off at wasn't born. There was born here I'm people don't? It's not like I'm. Spared from certain experiences because. The check my twenty three and me four. Touch yeah. They touch. My hair ends not. Somewhere. Someone has multiple times or Josh. You're taking me at. You're taking me out of context. I'm kidding. Right. To discount my experience in this country, because my twenty three and me says that I'm. Like a thousand miles south of here route little bit less like something about it is very. and. Happy, he's an listener. He wasn't trying to insult me on my intelligence. Just simply that I'm not a black, American and I totally understand read. Coming from, but I think he's wrong in speaking on behalf of. You know the the. The ability for me to to understand and be a measurement and a voice to black women in this country who do experience racism and sexism, and all of the things I think I'm perfectly fine boys and even. I mean you know it is what it is because? I think he's dead wrong? Don't cigarettes. In the name of trying to be representative, he is completely dismissing all of my experiences. I don't share all of my experiences on the podcast. something. Problem for me I. Wish you'd open up. Anyway, some things are just your you know. These are just like boulders and. Here at this point I. Don't need to prove it to you every single time, but I certainly am not going to. A man who wants to tell me I'm not black enough to. Believe the term for this is color ISM. and In. Dark, skin enough, yes! It's the. It's the observation that a friend of mine made. I'm I'm making a concerted effort again. Who or whatever that a friend of mine made? that. Obama. Isn't. He wasn't born. It's his dad was African. and His mom was white. That's a different experience than. Black parents. Descendants of slaves. This guy's mad that you're not descendant of American slaves. You know I know then. That's the that's the that's. The RUB is like you're not incentive slave, so you don't know the exact experience, but it, but obviously the pitfall there is like well. That's not a monolithic experience, because his skin color, or because of because of lineage and I mean I had a guy one time. That girl that I sent you a picture of? Samir. My my ex girlfriend who I dated. WHO said like she's Trinidadian and. Middle Eastern, right and somebody said. She's not and she was. She grew up in Montreal never liked. She's not really black like okay. You know what I mean like I get. I don't know what the what's the true black experience like you have to have done time and you got to. You have to be chased from school and you have to like I. Don't what's In you had to sling rocks for six months and then you the the end you gotta be? Dr You have to be. You have to identify with. Fuck and Wesley Snuck. You're not light skin, and you're like all of these fucking. Caveats that are just possible for act like woo is actually black. And of course I can't get involved. With for me, it's like I've spent my whole life being told, I'm not black enough I'm whitewash. I'M A. fucking fuck off. Everyone Jesus, Christ. I've I've spent my whole life being told. What. Do. You know I. Spend my whole life seeing a mirror of what my blackness is to other people and. There's plenty of people who like their families Jamaican Trinity all over the place, and no one's going to be like. A real black. You know what here from your black like? It's gross to do that because then. It's like okay, you're black. Will you had your dad growing up in your house? Your I'll real. You're light, skinned you it. You know it ends up being a much grocer conversation than. INTENDED TO BE NO. I know because if you start if you interrogate what Israel black, it gets into awful white stereotypes about black people. And you end up sounding what? The thing we don't like about this system. You end up just kind of perpetuating it onto me and. So. Bless thank you for listening, but I think he has huge. Huge holes in argument about. I mean yeah but I don't I maybe. Have done. We're educating goodbye. You've got mail. You guys talked to the podcast. About cops being able to fall back on the I was scared defense while agree with your thoughts on the subject. The US is fucking scary about guns I'm from Australia. Where we had a mass shooting in the nineties, after which they all long guns and handguns were banned I can imagine that as a cop in the US knowing that anyone you pull over can be armed as terrifying thought and add racist cops and shitty training into the mix and you end up with. With a lot of black people killed senselessly. Here's my hypothetical question. Do you think that black people will be treated more fairly by police? If neither the US population, nor the police had guns at least in this scenario the scared argument seems pretty weak of police Obviously, there are still racist systems in place, but at least blind people aren't being shot. It seems like shooting as low hanging fruit for the scared situations I know there are thousand moving pieces to police. vis-a-vis racism, but interested to hear your thoughts on this one. I mean. I. I they would racism always finds a way man. It just always they would just cause me of rate. I don't think statistically cops I know. The cops have to legally approach. Cars are not legally but. They have to approach every situation like..

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