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Like all those things you mentioned with pop just interrupting her life after years and just like. They have like a say in everything she does. And like a then like she had a tumultuous relationship. Where they broke up and the guy ended up just wanting to give the these really personal details about their sex life and what she likes in bed, and then her entire sex life is exploited and it was just like her entire life being controlled by her family and like she has a very abusive alcoholic father and like a very abusive mom there screaming all the time and like. They're taking advantage of her and putting her in these situations and it was just her whole entire life from literally childhood till now has been literally controlled by other people to the point where her father has complete and total control over her finances. Her life choices, her purchases anything that Britney Spears does her father has control over and he's an abusive guy who puts her in terrible situations. But even before all that like now, people are really talking about the conservative ship and you know trying to get her her life back. You know the whole free Britney things like really coming back again but nobody really talks about how bad it was for her with the media and what the media did to her like the way pres- Hilton like would write these horrible scathing things and you know she had this performance. At the VM as the Gimme more performance and it's this is after she go ahead I was gonna say it was probably just a lot of people feeling guilty because they played into in one at all of that stuff so bad and now they're like Oh. That was horrible. He did actually say Pres- Hilton was like looking back at it. Now it's a wonder she's alive what she went through like she had two kids and. She's not her peak shave had two kids and she did a performance where she still has fucking apps like she's still looks great. But then after her performance, which was not a great performance, it's all about how you know she's a fat slob and. Oh who she's the ringleader that circus. Yeah. But that was Kale saying that to which breaks my heart because I love McKell. But like he's saying how like she like go? Who Do you think she was texting after he was like not a Dietitian not a psychiatrist saying how she's like fat compared to all the other girls and people call incur whale, and then the the media portraying her as like this very obese person in a wheelchair because she lost her foot due to diabetes like. What is insane and this wasn't that long ago that is just okay to openly mock and body shame somebody slut shame somebody because it was Britney. If it was anybody else I don't know if they would have gotten away with it for some reason with Britney. Spears. She was not human and the media does it over and over and over again successful women like when was the last time you saw that happen to a guy? You know what I mean like just in Brittany broke up. Justin, was praised Britney's a slut Brittany's a hor- Britney's like a cheating lying piece of shit which like nobody asked Brittany like what happened or why they broke up why is it okay that Justin Timberlake is. Sharing details about their sex life when she says I'm a virgin whether she lost her virginity to or not. If she's telling the public, she's a virgin who are you to say she's not like it's all just so fucked up but the thing that like really. Got To me that made me angry is I didn't have cable whenever the shaving her head thing went down. So I never thought I only ever Salt Lake, the tabloids and the stories and I always the way they presented it to me that I saw. was. Britney. Spears lost it, and shaved off her head in like a manic episode like her with the Buzzer and her hinders shaving her head. It looks it looks crazy. What happened was a woman who was tired of being Controlled and told a look a certain way and told like your this pop star, you have to have these extensions. You have to be blonde. You have to be whatever she wanted to take control of what she looked like and she told that she went to a salon. First of all, she was in a Harrison Salon manically shave her head. She went to get her hair done. She said. I want to shave my head just like lots of other women do she's not the first fucking woman to one a shaved head. You know what? I mean like it's just a fucking haircut she'd I'd like to shave my head tired of people touching me. I'm tired of getting my hair done. I'm tired of these extensions, these braids or too tight shave my head and the hair stylist said. I'm not going to be the person that shaved Britney Spears Spears his head I don't want that weight on me. Here's the clipper you do it. When you're done I'll clean it up for you. So she shaved her own head than the hairstylist cleaned up for her and she was like this is how I look now and then she went to a tattoo parlor. She got tattoos like she was clearly making a statement of rebellion and she said that and that's what's the most frustrating part is like. It was never a secret of like. What she was doing, it was always I'm taking control of my life I wanNA look I wanNA look I wanNA, shave my fucking head because that's the style I wanna wear right now, which is a perfectly presentable style if you want I'm getting tattoos and the way it was Shown is Britney Spears lost her head shaved her head off in a manic episode and that's not the story but it's just the way the media can take literally anything they want and completely twisted it and manipulate it, and then she wrote an open letter to us you know the world's and then also. To the media and she just explained everything that happened where she was like. I've been under control in like really abusive situations and you know I I kind of hit a breaking point because of. You know the friends I was around. She found out that her friends were you know secretly charging her stuff like she was paying for a lot of stuff. She didn't know she was paying for her parents put her in all these bad situations and she tried to be really open and honest about that and say like I'm a human being and I've I want to live a normal life and it feels like the media just will not let me live a normal life they make up lies about me every day they take everything I do out of context I'm always the bad guy I'm always an insane person. And then they edit her letter down the media outlets to take out all that stuff and again, just make her look like a crazy person. And it's been literally. How long now it ninety, what eight, ninety, nine that she got super famous for twenty years and she still has not had like justice for the way that she's been treated. Do you remember the umbrella situation? She I don't know what happened with the car, but like I think. They. Somehow box Taran or like they were high-speed. Chasing her in a situation where she couldn't I don't really know the situation of how we got here but she got out of the car and. Started hitting the car with an umbrella and damaged one of the Paparazzi car because they wouldn't leave her alone and like you hear her assistant say like, please leave just her alone and then she.

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