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Hard everybody. Welcome back to the Ford podcast. I'm your host, Lance Armstrong I still do this podcast the forward. Today's guest. My good friend Matthew mcconaughey he's probably. Our most requested guest of all time I mean, we get a lot of requests. none more so than than McConnell. And and why? Why McConnell? Hey. Why now why we waited so long even mcconaughey said that why would took so long I said, well, it was for a reason, right? Got The new book out Green. Lights I tell you. I've been another man extremely. Well, I, know probably more are probably better than most people on the planet earth. I found out after reading the book I only know five percent of the man and it's. So uniquely beautifully written and What an amazing conversation that we had will not disappoint I promise. We could have set there literally for four hours and it really it kicks off and you'll get a y'all have fun with the very beginning of the show. I kick it off the a text message. He sent me four days ago, which is was typical. Makaay. Today's show brought to you by also by athletic brewing. So this is an amazing idea. So we all love Bureau of Alcohol up getting a little buzz on you know in the Mr Covert I realized due to now now's the time to to clean it up to focus to get smart to make no mistakes and so I cut out alcohol I cut alcohol for three months. This was my go-to the this to have a craft brew that's not alcoholic doesn't tastes like crap the was The you know but you but at the end of the day, I just want to have a beer can I have a beer with with my steak? This was my thing and also Accompany the dozen just think about themselves got the whole giveback program that get the to for trails program. They donate two percent of all sales, dollars to maintaining trails and parks that are..

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