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To quietly help with this. So I've got to calls to action. The internet's and for the extra extra. That's I want to say that when you're planning a campaign think about interacts think about how valuable stills are just as much as extra bags good at slowing down and thinking deeply detail of issues really bring in the mount wait good intimate activism so users in that. Right. I'm we're good to intrigue and people by doing strange things that helped create conversations and though introverts my smart should for years. I know you like being on your own. I know you like being in your head what activism Meizhou, so sometimes you've gotta get out. It doesn't mean that you gotta ten into an extrovert and ban out. That's no use for anyone. But what it does mean is that you should follow you the skills and traits that you have activism needs. So for our industry at your next prevent or an intervention. The world needs you now more than that. And you've got no excuse not to get involved. Thanks. Sara Corbett she's founder of the craft of his collective and author of the book how to be a craft of you can see her full talk at Ted dot com. When I when I say the word future. Do you think? Optimism or do you go down darker bath? Man. This is such a loaded question for me. This is Angela tala. She's a designer and futurist. And sometimes when I'm asked that I know that my answer is really going to make some people uncomfortable because I sometimes in the room in order to bring unbridled optimism about change and about how we're going to move towards change. But I don't think you need to have the unbridled optimism in order to believe that you can change things. So I think it's kind of like a spectrum. I think you can either think that the world is getting better or that the future will be much better than it is now or you can think that the world is getting worse. But that continuum isn't as important to me, actually, as this idea of do you think you have agency in this world that is either getting better or worse. In Angela believes that if you want to change the world, you have to think about the future because the way we think about the future can affect the way we act in the present the future is continuous iterative process. It changes every single day and your ideas about it changes. Also as you test, and as you play with that idea of the future. So for me, that's the most important thing. Of course, there's a present. But there's this transition period before we reach this future that we can envision Angela open Tele picks up her idea from the Ted stage. We.

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