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Cardinal presence at bell read. Over the. Last few days and this weekend and the redbirds as we look. Into an empty Busch stadium are a few miles more than. That west down the road it down I seventy at Kauffman stadium we're. Tonight they opened up a three game interleague series against the Kansas City Royals cardinals are sixty and fifty, five and what a stretch it's been for Mike sheltered company winning nine of their last thirteen games they, are sixty and fifty five and after a successful road trip winning series and both. Pittsburgh and Miami they'll try to make it five straight. Series wins beginning tonight with Austin Gombar on the mound against Burch Smith cardinals have put themselves into pretty good position in the National League wild card race is they are just three and a. Half game Back right now chasing. The dodgers era Zona and Atlanta Milwaukee second in the National League central currently the top, spot for that second wildcard for. The redbirds well things could go very well. For them, in Kansas City a six forty two win percentage thirty four and nineteen against the royals in. KC that's the second best among. All major league teams since interleague play began and the cardinals have won ten of their last fifteen against the royals going back to may the twenty fourth coming up tonight will talk. About the match up and. We'll talk. About what's gone right but cardinals over this recent stretch also a. Cardinal flavor at bell reef country club as some big name. Cardinal fans have descended upon Saint Louis but final major of the year. And the one hundred PGA championship we will get the game plant from Kyle McClellan here from the guys, in the booth check in with Mike and Mike clayborn sits down with the cardinal coup began Royal and, now has a chance to play against Kansas City all of that as we get. Set for baseball first pitch coming your way at seven Fifteen, right here on the Saint Louis cardinals radio network but how of. The cardinals been playing so well recently well. There are a lot of reasons but chief among them is their National League most valuable player candidate the man who leads the National League in home runs and almost every offensive statistical. Category and the man who is our subject of. Our central Bank.

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