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Tomorrow's inauguration of Joe Biden, ABC. Senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce has a preview try to set a new tone. Starting at the beginning of the day. We've learned that he's invited congressional leaders of both parties to join him at church, sending a clear message of you. Media message that will then carry over into that big address. I'm told it will be optimistic and forward looking. Biden will recognize that we're in a moment of unprecedented crisis, but he will be asking all Americans to join him as he faces these remarkable challenge tonight, the president elect acting as consoler in chief, sundown and dust. What a shine the lights. The darkness along the sacred pool of reflection. Remember all we lost? Mr Biden at the Lincoln Memorial to honor the 400,000 Americans who were lost to covert 19 President Trump gives a pre recorded farewell speech after months of divisive attacks and Democrats, the president now claiming he was a uniter. It wasn't about Republican or Democrat. What about the good of a nation? In fact, the president routinely called some Democratic opponents un American. These are people that hate our country. Hey, John. They hate our country. Mr. Trump, saying his political movement has just begun and the field ABC NEWS Washington The president is leaving for his Florida state tomorrow. He will not attend the inauguration, but he is expected to issue a list of up to 100 pardons before he leaves office. The Major Cities Chiefs Association, which represents police departments, including those in New York L, a Chicago and Minneapolis of released a police reform working group report. It calls for sweeping changes on things like what types of force can be used. And when and calls for a national registry of police officers who commit serious misconduct. You're listening. To ABC News. Beefing up Bob Williams. Our top story. A new campaign is encouraging you to visit businesses in downtown Portland. 11 90 K X is Brad Ford. With more downtown businesses face fewer customers from covert 19 homeless issues and the demonstrations. Mayor Ted Waiter has this message for business owners. You are not alone that we will continue to work with you to address all of the issues. Andrew Hone, president of Important Business Alliance says there isn't a rush to the suburbs. We're not hearing the white scale flight. Out of the city of Portland around downtown. For that matter, the campaign is called here for Portland and encourages you to visit the businesses online or in person. After 10 months, students in the Vancouver public School district are starting a staggered return to their classrooms this week in accordance with state guidelines. 11 90 K Exes, Gail Cunningham says the youngest students came back today. Kindergartners returned to Ogden Elementary School Tuesday with strict safety protocols. Everyone wears a mask and temperatures of staff and students are checked at the door snow to come in. And get a squirt of hand sanitizer. Sensible, Matt Kaufman tells Kay to the hybrid Learning model has two groups of students. Each is in class two days a week and remote learning the other three days. The building is deep, clean twice a week. The planning staff grades one and to return on the 25th and grades three through five on February 1st. I'm looking forward to having the kids back in the school and having the faculty back in the school where we can be a family again. District officials say middle and high school students could transition the hybrid learning in February and March, depending on covert 19 case rates. Portland Trail Blazers Center Yussef Merrick has undergone surgery to repair a fracture right risk Direct broke his hand in last Thursday's game against the Pacers Miracle where a splint for four weeks and be reevaluated in six weeks. I'm Bob Williams News radio 11 90 K E X E.

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