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Morning Henry I am completely at your service dot the I didn't sleep twenty minutes last night I'm in a highly nervous condition well in the first thing we have to do is help morning Joe yeah good morning deadly it's eleven days a lot Henry nine going out together Julia I'm terribly sorry but we can't I got to see Mr favorite ten thirty and after that there's the junior assembly me don't really represent you with those meetings ask nine that is out of the question the the that that I'd like to speak to my wife alone well of course in the hold dear yes your is that man in there I I can't explain hi this is the median San this is the way it always will be I'll see you at ten a deer Dudley Dudley what are you doing I'm just looking through your files and make sure that Mrs Hamilton has written a pledge from Dallas to the cathedral fun but she had been sent to his shop never mind that file that's work for a bookkeeper not for an angel because I don't know who you are or where you come from I only wish you would make haste because the cathedral must be built will obviously that's the most important thing but because Julia must be happy it's gonna be difficult to help you Henry until I'm sure what you really want yes well I'm afraid you'll have to excuse me Mr Preval likes punctuality and then run along and make his files and mass I think I'll help me organize it I think you're wasting your time on unimportant detail nothing is unimportant Henry now remember we're interested in even the lowliest sparrow hello hello hello Debbie come on in how did you do that just now well this could you just wait yes this is my system of.

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