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Show. So attorney general William buyers come under heavy fire for supposedly being lackey for President Trump. He says that he's not a lackey for Trump. He's just defending the prerogative of the executive branch so William bars responding, according to the Wall Street Journal bar has come under criticism from Democrats and some Republicans who say he is acting more like the president's personal lawyer than the nation's top law enforcement officer, you only Republican, I've heard who said that is just in a mosh the Republican congressperson from Michigan bar was a private citizen bristled at the barrage of legal and other challenges, from faced during his first years in office. Ten his long held belief in executive power is more about protecting the presidency than the current office holder. He said, I felt the rules were being changed her Trump. I thought it was damaging for the presidency over the long haul when you look at that court, ruling, basically says that congress can subpoena anything from any public official at any time for any reason. It's hard to disagree with that sentiment. Apparently, according to the Wall Street Journal that sentiment plus coaxing from friends led the sixty eight. Eight year old grandfather of five to sign on for another turn at the helm of the Justice department where his quest to protect presidential power has taken on new significance in light of special counsel, Robert Muller's report and the Trump administration's efforts to thwart congressional oversight. He said, in an interview at every juncture, the presidency has done what it is supposed to do, which is provide leadership and direction and destroy the presidency and make an errand boy for congress. We're going to be much weaker Anamour divided nation. Barr has jumped to the front lines this Republican presidents battle against congress and the courts, a house committee has already voted to hold bar in contempt for providing them the entire Muller report, as well as access to the unredacted portions for Democrats who refused to go. Look at it many current and former law enforcement officials according to the Wall Street Journal have come to view Mr. bar skeptically, sending his newly launched review of the investigations origins. What he termed spying on Trump campaign associates over ties to Russia. He hasn't explain specifically, what prompted his concerns, given fodder for Mr. Trump and his allies to attack that apartment that he leaves Republicans have embraced bars willingness to bring attention to their grievances with federal law enforcement, of course, Trump is very happy with bar because bar is defending him and executive power at this point. He said he apparently spoke with the Wall Street Journal last week, and he suggested that he's really not interested in protecting personally, he just believes that the rules are being arbitrarily changed in order to harm President Trump again. It is hard to argue with that perspective, given the fact that Democrats were very much in favor of Barack Obama using executive privilege to shield, Eric Holder, they no problem when you're colder calls himself, the man for Barack Obama. They were very upset with, with the Kenneth Starr investigation, which was predicated on solid legal grounds. I mean, Bill Clinton did commit perjury. He committed a series of crimes, including actual obstruction of Justice. The Kenneth Starr probe was actually into illegality, no illegality has been found about President Trump the far none. You may say that he has done stuff. You don't like that's fine. He's done stuff. I don't like either. You may say that the president of the United States is untold things that is true has he committed a criminal act, even Robert Muller, who had full authority to say? So could not bring himself to say that the president had done something criminal here, and yet, we are seeing the Democrats expand the power of subpoenas to include virtually everything in the world. This seems like dangerous stuff to me. Meanwhile, Michael Cohen is out there still making trouble for the president, Michael Cohen, President Trump's former longtime personal turning President Trump did not hire the best people as he himself has admitted with regard to Michael colored. Apparently Michael Cohen told a house panel during closed-door hearings earlier this year, he'd been encouraged by Trump's lawyer jaysekulow to falsely claim in the two thousand seventeen statement to congress, the negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow ended in January twenty sixteen in facts later admitted that discussions on the Moscow tower continued into June of the presidential election year has Democrats are now, scrutinizing, whether secular or other Trump attorneys played a role in shaping Cohen's 2017 testimony to congress coinciding made the false statements help hide the fact that Trump had potentially hundreds of millions of dollars at stake in a possible Russian project while he was running for president, Adam Schiff, who has made mountains out of molehills for several years here. He says, we're trying to find out whether anyone participated in the false testimony that Cohen gave to this committee. Well, here's the problem with this story. The headline says. Cohen told lawmakers, secular encouraged him to falsely to falsely basically commit perjury before congress and yet Schiff is now saying we're trying to find out, whether this happened coincide that had happened wouldn't they now have the grounds to open some sort of criminal investigation into Secolo and the White House, but they don't they haven't been able to come up with anything thus far so it's just more. Michael Cohen talk doesn't matter. President run with it is on the front page of the Washington Post. Again, I think that these investigations into President Trump, I really designed to do one thing and one thing only, and that is to exacerbate the feeling of chaos that Trump naturally creates around him. President Trump has a strong reelect pitch his like pitches. The economy is really good people are very positive about the economy right now. They're not in the midst of any serious foreign crisis. He's got a really placid lake of politics in front of him. And the economy is booming right now. And this should be a great time for him. It's no wonder he's upset because again he is a chaotic personality in zone. Right. And now Democrats are exacerbating that by creating a feeling of chaos that is not really justified by the fact pattern in front of them at this point. So president from his out there campaigning, and he is doing what he does and president from his Astana, comedian and out there on the campaign trail. He basically doesn't stand up routine. Here's president from speaking in front of big crowd in asking whether his slogan in twenty twenty is in Pennsylvania, whether his slogan in two thousand twenty should be make America great again or keep America great. So now we go ready. Keep America great. Ready? Make America great again. Wow. Well, I like.

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