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But that guy is angry. That guy could pop And I think that's totally accurate from Gilbert. When Bill totally accurate Bill Bird calls you angry. I love Gilbert. It's It's It's so it's something now. Some of them are really a mess. But man the bill, check out the Millburn episode. That was great, because when they're done, they go to like this place. Billboards smokes and I smoke a cigar. Yeah, it is a fact. After next, all kinds of stakeholders from environmental activists to venture capitalists are counting on the growth of the cultured meat market. Tony You mean fake me? You mean lab go? No, no, it's it's meat that listens to classical music. Oh, Castine crumpets. Yes, yes. Lab generated meet Jen Zy. Is not interested, and we're talking about a market, which is obviously going to talk about two billion people worldwide. A recent poll suggests that in Australia 72 perspectives. Percent of Jen Z's said they're not interested in eating meat grown in a lab. I'm with them. They're right, Jen Zy will save us all. Genic saved this one's Jen Zy. It's every other generation, right? The silent generation skipped the baby boomers go right to Gen X and then skip the morning. Lt's Go right, The Genesee and everything is going fine. Millennials get the worst rap because there's so many good millennials out there, But there's so much insanity. They get the worst rap. I feel bad. Some of them earned it. That's all there is to it. I get it. But listen, the whole beyond meet craze. I understand why people would be interested conceptually. And if you tell me, you can create this food and actually feed the world's from it. Calm down. No problem. What so ever But it's It's It's not that it's off, putting its almost that It's forced like you have to be down with this. You have to be okay with this. You How could you not accept? This is the new way. And the answer is Because I have a grill right end and I've seen cows and I know what they taste like We made short ribs The other day in the oven is sorry. Its purest. It's the way I do it, and it was a The marinade is a soy soy sauce. Garlic, honey, sensational, Exceptional idol. I I prefer be for just the way I am now. I'm not opposed to ribs, ribs. I just for a beef. Sensational. I don't know if I would ever bring myself to say, Hey, this isn't real meat. Let's try. I can't do it. But we need to get your girl. Tony, I need to get your grill. We gotta figure this out. I don't know what to do. I have grilled Paralysis, Total paralysis. I just I don't know what it is I want. I don't know what I want by. Don't know what it is. I want to spend and I'm and I'm just at a loss. I am just I wish I could figure it out. So if you've got ideas Let us know on Facebook featuring smoke. This.

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