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F T L to get ten dollars off your first fab bit van box you're gonna be. So glad you did this pair body back to the show. I'm gonna go back just for a minute, because it seems like to me at least that twenty sixteen was a bit of a watershed year for you in terms of content. What really that was just true in the world. And I felt like that year. It's just felt like I saw the skim, absolutely everywhere. I mean, whether you were interviewing presidential candidates, which was super exciting, or as you mentioned earlier registering people to votes. Really? I mean, that's something you should be probably proud of forever. So what do you have planned? And of course, you've just crossed the midterms recently. But what do you have planned for the twenty twenty election? You've got to be thinking about it. I'd love to hear what you are working on in terms of that election, and then I'd also love to hear your predictions. I mean, what do you think that we will see from the news cycle Visco around? I'm still excited about this question. And actually, we are beginning about now accuses twenty one but you're the first person to ask us about is that I think that one were so excited to see the different types of candidates that we've seen ranks you will call are women. It's, it's exciting to see the earthy in this group and in this field, and I think that no matter what your political beliefs, are that something exciting just for democratic process on the other thing that we're really excited about that. We the about a law is creating this identity of voters out there in having people really identify as a voter, I not the hardy, but that everytime election comes around you're not the game. I'm Republican or democrat, you're thinking that you're voter the exits shin. Is that at the end of the cycle, you are going to cast an idiot? That should be something that you feel strong about. And that you feel informed, you know, it's gonna be it's, it's gonna be a big election on, it's really important that this group Omonia women who hold so much power at have power to change things show up and make sure that they make there was hurt. Yeah. I know you know, we're all just sort of looking ahead with a bit of trepidation. The last election cycle was just. Well, I don't know if it's dramatic felt kind of traumatizing on the nation a little bit. And then, of course, we are now in this very strange time where. It's easier than ever to as we have seen to manipulate social media. It's easier than ever to put out. Doctored videos. It's easier than ever to have just spin, and, and fake news. Go viral and so that feels a little scary. So as, as the two of you who are responsible for putting news content in front of citizens in front of voters. I would just love to hear you talk a little bit about media literacy, and how you protect your own company from these darker influences and. I would just love to hear your opinion on how you think as a culture, we will be able to overcome some of these really insidious forces that, frankly, can threaten our democracy. The great ashen. I four most probably started was with a journalistic background ridge realistic integrity in the core of what we do on yet. You know a team you know about a hundred people now but we have a very need at to'real team. And we have higher everyone that we hire comes from usually make sure they've gone from a hard news background, or really gone through a really strong, aditorial camp at the skin and for us, we lead from day, one sort of them entre. Lee don't have to be irst. We have to be right and that's actually try to go into breaking news. And because we come from a place where we know what it takes to have the resources, especially in today's world to truly fack into truly be in the moment. And Ray now in this, this kind of two rental in twenty four seven new rash that, you know, people can keep up with themselves. So giving. The way that our products were who have the riba JD. Newfound the ability to take a second to digest, it to understand, whereas sources coming from, what are these are these actually facts to be able to appropriately fat check to them the able to digressed it into end, put it in front of our audience in a way that gives them enough information so that when they have the ultimate choice of going into a voting booth repeal, they're making informed choice in. So I think we've always kept our head down in focus on that and focus on that mission. And we've been very careful about how we think about partnerships. And we've been very careful about how he thought about building, another platforms actually building another platforms. And so, for that, for that reason, I think he knew he'd been able to sort of, in many may be the little engine that could on her own. Well, what's telling to is that your consumers are across the spectrum, you've right, that you are, that you draw people from all walks of life in different political parties in different ideologies, and different geographical areas. I mean that alone is very compelling. That people feel like they can trust you for unbiased news content. And that is literally exactly what you deliver. I'm I love to hear what? What what's your favorite thing? That you've pulled off, like a weird question, like you've now branch into so many cool areas. What is something that both of you? I lived here, brother answers kind of look back ago that was awesome. Like that was unexpected or that with further than we thought it was going to go. Just however you really want to answer it. But I think the answer, which is I think it's for both of us. What we don't election, Ana, I can't, I think, honestly, people when we started gambling keep being in your old job than we would say, no, the only time we ever myth. It is like on election night, or on a brick news thing, and you the white wine miss that rotary on. That's just a great things the Harda. And when we finally got to have achieved was just staring at each other at all really, we can build our own karate and not only that, like, we can free true action that we can measure. And I think when we started having kind of vision of what no excuses and that could be for as started talking to other companies, or other forms that on encourage voting. We saw just how artisan they were have they were really tied to specific agenda to your point. Our audience is really politically diverse. They live all over, they don't all vote the same way they don't all think family McDonnell, hat all this anyway. We're all going general Anthony everybody in. So then we were able to create a truly grassroots campaign Eckerd that built not just from twenty sixteen but into twenty eight heat truly lead spearheaded by our community who we Matt. And who went home in their learnings from our skin boot can't hear back home at then into that day. We got over two hundred thousand people to vote in show midterm is crazy. And when will about look at the graphic diversity of our audience and know that they were showing up in the most closely attested reasons we know that we made an impact, we know we made a difference. And so to me, I think it is like how do we pull it off? Because we is truly through the vision on grit hustle. Amazing team. That is outstanding. I mean, really sincerely outstanding. And I, I love the, the that you have the ear of millennials because, you know, just as the, the trends have tended to show, it's harder to get younger voters into the booth just in general. This isn't just this generation, that's kind of every, and so the fact that you are working on higher engagement with younger voters is exciting. And it's good. And I think it's good for our democracy. And it sets a really great example. I just find that exciting. Like, you've, you're, you're catching lightning in a bottle right now with an with a generation that is so much more active and politically, progressive minded in general just and engaged and it's just exciting. I think your work has enlists potential. What do you wanna do next? Like, what are your when you're just sitting around, and you're sort of dream boarding for the next five years? What do you see what are you hoping for? There's so much morbid wanna do think that, you know this bookstore is so exciting brisk is a chance to get in front of our skimmers where they are in so really interested in seeing what we can do across the country, whether taken are no excuses effort in a bigger way. This person will be doing ticketed event, which was so excited about the opportunity to get on stage in real conversations on an nuance. John skin nest daily podcast this year. So podcasting area that we love our relate cited Hugh Roe into yet. That is awesome. How are you going to how are you structuring a book tour? Is it just the two of you on a stage? Do you have a special gas? Are you feeling questions from the audience there? We're gonna ten different cities, and we're gonna have a moderator in each city. So we're so excited to have women like actually ram Hannah. Rochman Kurla hall service shell got our lake the it's gonna be amazing group. We are so excited that we're going to have conversations about what's in the book meeting, all of the stuff that needed now as me now, gated growing this company growing up. That's awesome. What, what some of really learned like where would you say this is a spot? We either we got it wrong and had to make it right? Or we didn't anticipate it at had to sort of adjust for it or we went down this one path, and realize it was the wrong one and head, of course, craft like where would you say these have been a couple of our biggest lessons either, just in reporting or in managing or whatever sort of level of your career? Any for me personally adverts on the management side in that's been the hardest thing in at times. The most rewarding awarding attempt most fumbling. And really learning what it means to be a strong communicator. What it means to set explications to explain what accountability is on how I'm involved or not involved as a manager. And then, of course higher, and so, so many of the women mentioned before whenever mentors have been like our right? Hands in helping to keep that out. Absolutely that I, I appreciate your humility that, that you are willing to talk about that openly, and make adjustments when your work calls for it. I, I love that you have learned on the fly, and that you've still ended up building such a beautiful company that you can be so proud of. So before we sort of wrap this up, I'm thinking about you, as two very young, ambitious successful women, we have so much to learn from you. And from your example. And so if if. Got a listener right now who's thinking about starting her own venture in whatever field. She loves what piece of advice, would you with the both of you give her sort of at the starting blocks? I think that one of the bases vice is she get comfortable with the word. Now, if you're gonna hear it more times than you think possible is doing something new or doing something. Interesting. See, you have to learn how to take it as an invitation to take different path, and not see it is not against, you great point women in general struggle with what feels like rejection. But yeah. If we all threw in the towel after our first five knows we would have no career none of us. That's a great win. Did you have another one that don't don't dance around what it is you're trying to ask for? I think if you are at. Inker something to raise a promotion, a job fundraising at work. I think something we were really guilty early on. Like flirting with the ass in hoping on his mind reader? I think that's very gendered. You know, men don't have a problem with direct communication by enlarge, and they so they tend to get what they want more often, and where women have this strange notion of either being overly polite or this strange idea of diplomacy or even just that they don't have a right to ask. And so I appreciate that. You're pushing back on some of those antiquated notions. In fact, it's interesting too, when I when I read sort of the data on workplace relationships direct communication in men, primarily appreciated by both men and women. So it's not a trait that people disdain, they actually prefer direct communication. So for some reason, we have this sense, sometimes as women that it's too forward. We're fat. Fact, it's actually useful and, and welcomed. So thank you for saying that specifically..

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