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The insight into the impermanent of experience or would feet with stillness heels underneath all that too is something to internalize and take into our south. There's a traditional thing, you're the mind takes shape from what it repeatedly rests upon for better or roofs, and the modern date would be your brain takes shape from let your mind repeal the rest for better for me it boils down to something very simple which shape. Do you wanna take who? Do you wanna be who? Do you want to be calm? None out of chasing pleasure in some. Silly hedonistic south's, but in in including the maintenance of the spiritual process would he become wanna be including you what you want to become his you've always been. But which was skier that even that is unannounced change. And then knowing who you wanna be what you wanna help yourself. Grow into being a little bit more. Danny restaurant mind, and that is really white open. And it goes, my broadly, spelling grosses. Yeah. Absolutely. Is your mind the witnessing part versus your brain? I know a lot of people are curious about what the differences between the mind and the brain. Yeah. Exactly is a key question right defense. How people use the word in the scientific community mind equals information. Crazy, right? So if the nervous system is you ball to represent information in for example, in the the motor systems, our ancestors to communicate information with our century systems, smells, good swim forward, smells, bad swim backwards and so on so that's the nervous in does and words like mental or hunt nation with on. Hanky was flows. As information the ways that the material processes of the nervous system in the immaterial is so natural processes of information lows in nervous system ways in which that becomes an experience. That is still a great mystery whether seeks -perience of humans florals Cass mice. Lizards knows ways in which finan analogy were experience Mathis L scientific mystery taken by traditional to bend sayings. One of them is moments of the way can many times day and the other saying lace to sudden awakening bride, you'll cultivation some new anything gradual cultivation side, knowing and that process of cultivation is what we mainly talked about here. I think that as very known can stop you from cultivating a little. Oil that more happiness love and wisdom, everyday known from doing that inside the sanctuary of your own mind. That's beautiful thing. But it also takes us to that was -bility on us Atanas seen gauge that

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