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States. I'm very excited about it. Feels good Morning America. She's gonna fight for people across the country. Rudy Giuliani says President Trump did not tell Michael Cohen July to congress about business dealings with Russia. But he does admit to CNN state of the union, the Trump and Cohen may have talked about the congressional testimony. Just might have talked to him about about his testimony. And so what if he talked about possible that Michael trend that conversation? I'm just asking you for what what happened or what didn't have. It's not possible. The president left the conversation thinking, well, this is what the boss wants me to say the boss wants me not possible if the guy driving this testimony was Michael Cohen and Giuliani does admit negotiations for a Trump Tower in Moscow may have continued until October or maybe even November of two thousand sixteen the government shutdown has now dragged on date thirty one political analyst reclines, the Democrats have rejected. President Trump's latest proposal to protect Dhaka recipients in exchange for money for his wall to wall makes it a nonstarter first and foremost, they say that he isn't budging from that five point seven billion dollars that he's demanding for the wall president has said that has to be part of a deal. Nancy Pelosi says that's immoral. She doesn't want to spend more than a dollar. She says on the wall. And we now have an increasing number of TSA workers calling out sick the TSA telling AB. ABC news. The agency is now an uncharted territory as the number of employees callouts keep increasing because of the government shutdown TSA implementing contingency plans on Saturday. Eight percent of all TSA employee's did not show up for work mostly for financial reasons hitting hard as many of the nation's largest airports, like New York's K and Chicago's O'Hare the hardships faced by TSA agents. An echo of the nearly eight hundred thousand federal workers at agencies like the coastguard secret service FDA either furloughed or working without pay. That's correspondent Lana Zak a large number of millionaires are fleeing the New York area and they're taking their money with them the millionaires. Triangle is shrinking a new report from wealth. X finds fifty seven hundred millionaires left, the five boroughs Jersey City and Newark last year, thanks in part to new federal and state tax laws capping tax deductions at ten thousand that said the number of millionaires is growing nationwide and worldwide and all. Most a million of them still manage to live in the New York, New jersey area more than anywhere else in the world Alice. Stockton Rossini seven ten w our conversation continues after video service showing high school students taunting an elderly native American man at the Lincoln Memorial. That man Nathan Phillips says one teen was wearing a make-america-great-again hat and was saying build that wall..

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