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Nice sixty nine for a high right traffic not so woo all traffic stopped to move cars from the left to the right side of the three way southbound i fifteen just for layton parkway expect delays back to seventh south in clearfield while they try to clear that up just regular slowing the tappin's this time the warning southbound i fifteen coming through north salt lake but not much else going on if you see something you can text it to us three three nine eight six this week it has two games magic the gathering dominate prerelease april twentieth through the twenty second come pick it up and went out stay learned to play hastert game sixty eight thirty one south state and online at hastert games dot com let me just say to people who are saying david hogg couldn't have done this himself you know what somebody probably said hey david your that there are these investment firms and they and they haven't cousin he went and he david's essay really tell me more about this an and david you have learned about and so he learned about it and he because he has a public face talked about it he didn't do this on his own everything you know that somebody else you learned it i know i was born with the knowledge right right somebody did tell him about this and he said you know this sounds terrible to be i'm going to go and make the have my twitter followers do yeah you know somebody might have even said to him why don't you have your twitter followers hey that's a good idea it's called learning wrong she just drives me crazy i know i'm sorry scott allred didn't it a little bit here's boater candidate number three clear your search history toya rate so if you want some information like maybe on how to rob a bank.

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